Albuquerque Tea Party
Albuquerque Tea Party
Meet & Greet
January 16, 2010
The Albuquerque Tea Party is pleased to announce that the following candidates have positively responded to our invitation to our Meet and Greet to be held on January 16, 7:00 PM at the Inn at Rio Rancho.

District 1
Jon Barela - Republican
Alan Woodruff - Libertarian

District 2
*Steve Pearce - Republican

District 3
Adam Kokesh - Republican
Tom Mullins - Republican

Although this Meet and Greet is focused primarily on our quarterly meeting as an opportunity for our supporters to meet congressional candidates, among our guests will be prominent leaders of groups with goals similar to those of ATP as well as several candidates running for various other offices.

The continuing violation of our individual rights by those meant to serve us is igniting a national protest that goes far beyond political considerations.  We are facing unabridged tyranny.  It must be ended, not merely slowed.

Do we have enough individuals dedicated to the proposition that we should have less government and more freedom?
Do we have enough volunteers to get out the vote and make a lasting difference?
The answer appears to be a resounding YES!
On December 30, 2009, two weeks before our Meet and Greet, we reached capacity and had to close our RSVP "window."  We started a Waiting List.  As of today that list includes over 130 ATP supporters!  We anticipate an exciting evening and, doubtlessly, as we keep working to realize our goals, a very, very exciting year.


*Mr. Pearce is trying to reschedule his engagements in order to attend our event.

Thank you for supporting the Albuquerque Tea Party!