Albuquerque Tea Party
December 18, 2009

Jeff Buell, PNM Governmental Affairs, has graciously allowed me to reprint his memo regarding the inaccuracies that occurred in my article "PNM Exposes Attack on New Mexico," published in our December 11, 2009 (Vol. 1, #8) issue of our Newsletter. Those errors are solely mine, not those of the ATP, and I apologize for whatever confusion they may have caused.---Sylvia Bokor, December 18, 2009.




The Albuquerque Tea Party recently printed an article that mischaracterized the nature of the Nov. 10 stakeholder meeting we held in Albuquerque, including the suggestion that the meeting was convened, "to discuss Governor Richardson's seven-man commission that has been given the power to make law by simple agreement among themselves."


PNM would like to reiterate that our purpose in convening the Nov. 10 meeting was [to] discuss New Energy Economy's petition to the EIB [Environmental Improvement Board] first and foremost.  We're concerned that the phrasing in this article implies that the Governor and the EIB initiated the proposed cap, which is not the case.  Additionally, it's not accurate to say the EIB has the power to make law. In fact, they have statutory authority to promulgate certain rules under the Environmental Improvement Act and the Air Quality Control Act. We and others have challenged whether EIB has the legal authority under these statutes to consider the proposal by NEE, and after a debate over this questions the EIB concluded it did have that authority.


Additionally, the article incorrectly stated the public has been and will continue to be "shut out" of the process for considering the petition. While there has been minimal coverage of the process in the news media, the fact is that the case is a matter of public record, has been considered during public meetings, and will in fact include a public comment session and public hearing process.


Finally, the article incorrectly states that "PNM is asking concerned citizens to write their State Legislators to dismantle this commission (Environmental Improvement Board)."  We want to be clear that PNM has taken no such position. The issue we are trying to bring to everyone's attention is limited to the NEE petition. We do, and hope you will too, encourage others to express their opposition to the NEE petition to elected officials and others to help elevate awareness of this issue and the negative impacts it will have on New Mexico's economy. 


We have talked to the author of the article about these inaccuracies and appreciate her willingness and eagerness to correct them. This is a complex issue and we would like to remind everyone that we are available to help review any written materials you would like us to if you have any uncertainties. We're sure all can agree that a healthy public debate relies upon accurate information.