Sierpe del Pacifico

Rocky islands on the Pacific Coast
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Owners' Lodge at Sierpe del Pacifico

A Deluxe Ocean Boat Allows you to Explore the Osa in Style

Great views of the rainforest occur in all directions from lot #1

Taking a plunge in a cool mountain stream feels amazing

A Happy Family Snorkels at Cano Island

Marina Slips at the Sierpe del Pacifico Office

Building a home at Sierpe del Pacifico with Marc the Builder


Building a home at Sierpe del Pacfico is easy.  All the important logistics and processes  have been streamlined and refined.  Home designs that are functional, attractive, and affordable have been tested and fine-tuned.  Most importantly, the SDP recommended Contractor Marc Leroux is a magician of tropical home design and construction.


Originally hailing from Quebec, Canada, Marc and his wife Shani have been living in Sierpe for the last 7 years.  After running a bed and breakfast for a brief period of time, Marc fully committed himself to the tropical home construction business.  He has since become the primary contractor for North Americans building in the Sierpe area and remains very busy throughout the year. 

The Living Area at the SDP Owners' LodgeThe Entire Home is Adorned with Rich Hardwoods 

Building a home in a remote, tropical environment is not without it's challenges.   Rain, sun, timely sourcing of building materials, a limited labor force, and the logistics involved with building "off-the-grid" require experience, versatility, and extensive planning from a general contractor.   Very few contractors in the area are able to navigate these challenges and build a home to North American standards that is attractive, affordable, and functional.   Marc Leroux handles all this in spades.  His knowledge of how to build for the environment, utilize specialty materials unique to Costa Rica, and get the most out of local labor is unparalleled.  Furthermore, Marc has a very good eye for aesthetic and firmly understands and embraces  the philosophy of environmental stewardship and harmony required of Sierpe del Pacifico residences.  On the logistics front, Marc is very well prepared to deal with materials procurement, transport, and inclement weather during the construction process.

Owner's lodge mid-build SDP client Mark Davenport's home currently being built 


Another important element that Marc brings to the table is the ability to communicate effectively with all parties involved in the construction process.  Marc speaks fluent Spanish and understands the business culture of Costa Rica.  This is of paramount importance when it comes to procuring things like building permits and the best materials at a fair price.  His background as a contractor in the US and Canada also gives him a mastery of what North American clients expect in terms of quality, affordability, and clear, concise communication.


In addition to all of the import factors above it should be mentioned that Marc is truly passionate about building.  He loves being creative and has great enthusiasm for eye catching designs.  Very few things bring him more joy than happy clients telling him how much they enjoy their Costa Rican Vacation Home.


In Marc's spare time he enjoys fishing the river and ocean, eating good food, and spending time with his wife and 5 dogs.





Spring Fishing Report


The recent deepwater jigging successes of January and February carried right into March and April with lots of big grouper and numerous red snapper making their way into "La Carlita".  Every single boat trip resulted in plenty of fish being caught by newbies and experienced anglers alike.  The coldwater plume in the deeper areas surrounding Cano Island continued to put several seldom seen species such as tilefish, colorful groupers, and congrio into the fishbox.  Most of these colder water fish are exceptional eating, with the congrio becoming my new favorite!  It has the most delicate, light, and sweetly flavored flesh I have ever tasted.  We also caught a mixed bag of jacks, mackeral, bonito, and roosterfish.  Another catch of note was my largest river snapper to date.  It's estimated weight was close to 20 lbs.  Tight lines!

 congrio and painted grouper Big blue trevally caught on a jig

Big Roosterfish Caught on a Popper Lovely ladies and a lot of fish! Two big grouper and two happy guests

Delicious sillky snapperOnly a mere half day on the ocean 70 lb. black grouper

Mystery species of grouper Yet another big red snapper! Fun for all ages! 

Cassidy's Best Value Lot, Lot #15A
Former SDP Owner of lot #15A Laura Freeman recently upgraded to the more expensive and deluxe Lot #1, so lot #15A is back on the market! This is good news for anyone looking for an ideal combination of character, convenience, and affordability in a smaller SDP lot.
What lot 15A lacks in buildable footprint size it without a doubt makes up for in character and creative potential. Comfortably located between the calle publica and wetland preserve, this home site consists of two circular knolls greatly elevated from the surrounding terrain.  One of the favorites of Sierpe del Pacifico builder Marc Leroux, this home site will appeal to someone desiring the opportunity to build an artisanal structure with small homey structures on each one of the knolls.  Connecting the structures would be a small suspension bridge or elevated least that's what Marc is hoping to do with it! The views here are quite nice as they are at eye level with the wetland preserve canopy.  Central to the view are 3 large, mature palms, which in addition to providing a pleasant aesthetic, could easily supply coconut milk for all the pina coladas that you could possibly drink. 
Listing price Lot #15A:  $52,500  For more information on all available Sierpe del Pacifico Lots please contact Cassidy Scheer at (715) 699-2715, [email protected]

Lot 15 is one of our most attractive canopy lots There are two closely connected humps to build on