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Owners' Lodge Complete, Brings New Level of Comfort and Aesthetic to Sierpe del Pacifico -

Dear friend of SDP - I am pleased to announce the completion of the Sierpe del Pacifico Owners' Lodge.  This 1750 square foot, 2 bedroom, 2 bath residence constructed on a river and mountain view lot, brings a new level of comfort, sophistication, and elegance to Sierpe del Pacifico - all the while maintaining our commitment to environmental harmony and stewardship.

Built in the signature "refined rustic" style of SDP builder and creative consultant Marc Leroux, this spacious home overlooking the Sierpe River and Costanera Fila Mountain Range boasts design features such as hardwood floors, lofted ceilings, wrap around veranda, recessed lighting, and custom doors, furniture, and artisinal wood carvings.  All window spaces are enclosed with a premium quality "no-see-um" proof screen that keeps undesirable elements of the jungle out while allowing prevailing sea breezes to keep this solar powered home cool and comfortable.  The large windows allow visitors to enjoy the magnificent and unencumbered 360 degree views of the river, mountains, and rain forest.  

A large solar system consisting of four 190 watt panels, 8 deep cycle batteries, and a 3500 watt inverter, allows uninhibited use of a fridge, freezer, 10 cieling fans, and virtually any household appliance.  

In addition to being the personal home of the Sierpe del Pacifico founders, this riverfront residence will be available for use by all current SDP lot owners, as well as future phase two buyers.  Yearly rights of use vary from one to three weeks, and exist for a period of five years.  

To learn more about all available SDP lots and the owners' lodge rights of use program please contact me at [email protected]

Pura Vida - Cassidy

SDP Owner's Lodge - outside view Huge Master Suite at SDP Owners' Lodge Deluxe Kitchen at Sierpe del Pacifico Owners' Lodge
Large Living Area at Sierpe del Pacifico Owners' Lodge Aesthetically pleasing entry area at SDP Owners' Lodge Great Views from Deck of SDP Owners' Lodge
King Sized Bed in Master Suite of SDP Owners' Lodge Rich Hardwoods Throughout the SDP Owners' Lodge Guest Bedroom at SDP Owner's Lodge

Boat Ownership at SDP


Although not necessary to enjoy the Sierpe del Pacifico lifestyle, boat ownership provides the convenience and independence to unlock every bit of adventure, beauty, and value offered by the Sierpe River system and Pacific Ocean.  Expert and novice boaters alike will have no trouble finding a boat that suits their needs.  Learning the ins and outs of the waterways, and how to properly operate and care for your boat is easy as well.  Like every aspect of the Sierpe del Pacifico experience, it is the goal of SDP management to guide you through the boat buying process, and help you make efficient use of your time and money.  In the paragraphs below I've listed a few of the more popular locally made boat options for sale in Sierpe, along with their intended function.

River Boat - A basic river boat is about 12 - 18 feet in length and has a longer, slimmer shape.  This boat can comfortably fit 3 - 6 people and is intended for basic river cruising, beach-going, and exploring.  This boat is ideally paired with a motor of between 10 and 35 horsepower.  When paired with a 25 horsepower or larger motor and captained by a local professional, exiting the river mouth to explore the nearby reaches of the Pacific Ocean becomes a possibility.  This boat can be outfitted with user friendly options such as built in coolers, storage, bait livewell, and fishing rod holders. 

Small River Boat at Sierpe del Pacifico Dock Small River Boat at River Mouth Beach
Price of Boat:  $1000 - $2500

Price of Motor:  10 hp 2-stroke = $1200, 15hp 2-stroke = $1750, 25 hp 4-stroke = $3500

Basic Ocean Boat - A basic ocean boat can be 18-22 feet in length and has a much thicker and stronger hull than a river boat.  Ideally, a boat like this is paired with a motor between 50 and 115 horsepower.  In addition to being great for river transport, this boat is well suited for cruising the coast and making shorter off-shore trips to areas like Cano Island for fishing, diving, snorkeling, and whale watching.  Instead of being a tiller drive, these ocean boats nearly always have a center console with a steering wheel and either a T-top or a bimini top. 

Basic Ocean Going Boat for Use in the Osa Peninsula Small Boats Can Handle the Ocean Just Fine at Sierpe del PacificoPrice of Boat:  $4000 - $9000

Price of motor (4 stroke): 50hp = $5800, 75hp = $7500, 100hp = $9900


Deluxe Ocean Boat - A fully operational ocean going vessel like the Sierpe del Pacifico boat "La Carlita" is approximately 26 feet in length and is made of a very high quality molded fiberglass.  The hull is shaped in a way that allows for a smooth, fast, comfortable ride in all but the largest of seas.  Ideally, a boat like this is paired with one large motor between 175 and 225 horsepower or 2 motors 125 to 150 horsepower.  This boat comes complete with front and back in-hull storage, fish box, livewell, drink coolers, center console, and custom stainless steel T-top with "rocket launcher" style rod-holders.  This boat is fully capable for traveling any reasonable distance off-shore in a variety of seas.  Up to 7 or 8 people can comfortably fish or cruise in this boat.

Sierpe del Pacifico Company Boat..."La Carlita" A Deluxe Ocean Boat Allows you to Explore the Osa in Style

Price of Boat and 175 hp motor = $35,000


In addition to locally made options, used U.S. factory boats can be purchased nearby in Golfito and Quepos.  Furthermore, as a result of the global economic slowdown, buying a discounted used boat in the US and importing it to Costa Rica has become a viable, cost-effective option.

Winter Fishing Report


November 9, 2010
Some local friends of mine and I left bright and early for a full days fishing near Cano Island and further off-shore.  Our first stop was the Diablo reef where we caught a nice mix of red snapper, albacore tuna, and small amberjack.  Around 9:00 in the morning we pulled the lines in so we could head off-shore in hopes of finding some schooling dorado, tuna, or marlin.  Within 20 minutes of searching we spotted a large active school of spinner dolphins accompanied by yellowfin tuna.  Over the next 2 hours we experienced the hottest yellowfin tuna bite of our lives.  We ended up catching 31 tuna up to 60 lbs. on jigs and topwater poppers.  We headed back to Sierpe shortly after noon because the fish box was full and our arms were sore.  We celebrated our catch in proper fashion the following night with a deluxe sushi feast.  Photos courtesy of Matt Hogan.
Big Tuna Caught Near Cano Island Spinner Dolphin Near Cano Island Big Yellowfin Tuna on a Vertical Jig
31 Tuna Caught by Sierpe del Pacifico Residents Popping for Tuna from the Sierpe del Pacifico Eco-Adventure Community Sushi Feast with Yellowfin Tuna Caught Near Sierpe del Pacifico

December 7-9
ESPN Personality and owner of "The Ultimate Fishing Experience" Keith Alan joined me for three days fishing the River, Coastal, and off-shore waters of Sierpe.  Our fishing was nothing less than epic!  Our three day total amounted to 4 cubera snapper 30-50 lbs., 4 roosterfish on topwater poppers, a dozen amberjack up to 50 lbs., 50 or so albacore, yellowfin, and black tuna, and a dozen or so other species.  Keith called it some of the most intense, active, and varied fishing of his life.  I have to agree with Keith in that the fishing we have available directly from the docks of Sierpe del Pacifico is truly world class.  All photos are courtesy of Keith Alan.
African Pompano Caught on a Vertical Jig Near Cano Island 50 lb. cubera snapper caught near Sierpe Big Marckeral Caught on Fishing Trip Originated From SDP
Nice Albacore Tuna Caught Near Cano IslandRoosterfish Caught on a Popper Near Drake BayBig Amberjack Caught Near Cano Island
Big Cubera Snapper Caught on a PopperBig Barracuda Caught on a Topwater PopperBluefin Trevally Caught on a Vertical Jig Near Cano Island