Sierpe del Pacifico

Rocky islands on the Pacific Coast
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Getting Connected with Costa Rica, Staying Connected in Costa Rica 
Dear Friend of SDP -  We all come to Costa Rica for the same fundamental reasons.  It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned veteran of the Costa Rica lifestyle and travel here several times a year, have visited on a handful of occasions, or are currently planning your first trip.  We all choose to make the Costa Rica experience part of our lives because we see it as a chance to connect ourselves with experiences and environments that are authentic and adventurous.  Participation in activities that we find enjoyable relaxes the mind, body, and soul.  Time spent with friends and family enjoying life is the purest form of happiness.  Connecting with Costa Rica makes this possible. 
I'm happy to announce that it is now easier than ever to connect with Costa Rica and stay connected while in Costa Rica.  The southern Zone of Costa Rica is now more accessible than ever with the completion of the Pacific Coast Highway.  The drive from San Jose to the town of Sierpe can now be done in less than 4 hours...a full 2 hours less than the old route, and on a much safer and more scenic modern highway.  Additionally, there is a consensus amongst industry experts that this improved access to the area could increase the already growing demand for southern zone real estate.  This is bound to cause an appreciation in values of highly coveted waterfront and amenity rich properties like those at Sierpe del Pacifico.  For more information on the new Pacific Coast Highway please click on this link. 
I'm also happy to announce that staying connected with the outside world while in Costa Rica has now been made easier as well.  In February the country's 3G communications network went live, thus allowing for improved cell phone and internet reception in most of the country.  This improved network provides excellent cell phone and wireless internet reception for all SDP lots.  With my Costa Rican laptop connect card I routinely work online from my computer at the SDP owners' cabin.  The speed of the connection varies, but is routinely fast enough to watch live streaming video and make calls to the U.S. on the Skype service which only costs 2 cents a minute.  This vast improvement in communications technology will allow those of us who need to stay connected for business reasons to potentially spend more time in Costa Rica enjoying this one of a kind lifestyle.
Pura Vida - Cassidy
Spring Fishing Report
In mid February we were pleased to have Steve Catto and two of his co-workers visit Sierpe del Pacifico for a couple days and nights of Osa Peninsula exploration.  Despite being from the fishing mecca of the Northwest Territory of Canada, none of our visitors were avid anglers.  A lack of experience didn't prevent them from catching a nice variety of grouper, snapper, and tuna for the dinner plate however.  Combined with a day of beaches, dolphin watching, and snorkeling, a couple hours of fishing was a big hit with our guests.  I imagine that Steve might even make that first fishing rod purchase now that he is the proud owner of the much coveted "lime tree lot" at Sierpe del Pacifico and will be spending plenty of time on the Rio Sierpe and Pacific Ocean in the future. 
February also provided some great in-shore action for myself and my crew of regulars with topwater fishing for roosterfish, cubrera snapper, and barracuda being particularly good.  There was also a good corvina (sea-bass) bite in the river.
Big grouper caught in the Osa Peninsula Cubrera snapper caught jigging yellowfin tuna caught in Pacific Ocean
Orangemouth corvina from the Rio Sierpe Big barracuda caught on a popper 
March was a busy month at Sierpe del Pacifico with visits from several clients and owners.   John Dennis - owner of lot #7 - joined my father and myself for 3 complete days on the water.  What followed was some of the best and most varied bottom and topwater fishing we've ever experienced at Sierpe del Pacifico.  Big cubrera snapper and roosterfish were biting with recklass abandon near Cano Island.  In addition, yellowfin tuna and grouper were also present in good numbers.  Some of our more notable catches included a 80 lb. amberjack and an African pompano that was attacked and half-eaten by a large bull shark.
Grouper caught offshore of Sierpe del Pacifico A pompano attacked by a bull shark Big cubrera snapper caught jig fishing
 Big amberjack caught on a live tuna Roosterfish on a popper yellowfin tuna caught near cano island
Just like in March, April was very busy and brought several groups of clients to SDP for good times at the property and on the water.  Over several days of fishing a nice mixed bag of bottom fish and off-shore pelagics come into the boat.  Snapper, yellowfin tuna, and amberjack were especially susceptible to vertical jigging while some nice bull dorado and a blue marlin were caught trolling lures and live baits off-shore near the continental shelf.  The most unique catch would definitely be my 200 lb. blue marlin that was caught on a spinning rod, spinning reel and a trolled popper.  Never before have I had to work so hard for a fish, but with time, good gear, good boat handling, and some serious pulling I was able to get the fish boat side for a release in about 35 minutes.
A great day fishing from Sierpe del Pacifico Great day fishing on La Carlita Big blue marlin are very strong!
Blue marlin jumping Jigging produces a nice rock snapper 
Great mountain biking is available at SDP 

Mountain Biking adventures at Sierpe del Paficico


With the recent purchase of two front suspension KHS mountain bikes we've been able to take advantage of numerous mountain biking trails and trips available directly from the Sierpe del Pacifico property.  This will prove to be yet another quality eco-adventure activity that one can enjoy when spending time at SDP.


By riding south along the small calle publica (public road) bordering SDP for 4 km one will intersect the improved dirt road that connects Sierpe to Drake Bay.   From this road one can then access hundreds of kilometers of good mountain biking roads traveling in many different directions through many different types of scenic areas and terrain. 


A favorite ride of mine that only takes half a day is to first ride from this intersection along the Drake Bay road to the small village of Miramar just another 3 kilometers away.  From Miramar and the surrounding there are incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, Sierpe River, Diquis valley, and Cano Island.  Miramar also has a pulperia (small grocery store) that sells snacks and refreshments to re-energize oneself for the remainder of the ride.  From Miramar one then takes another small trail down to a stream that originates in the mountains.  After hiking along the stream for about half a kilometer one will come to a large waterfall with a nice, deep, and clear swimming pool at the bottom.  This is a great place to cool off, take a swim, and relax.  If you're feeling particularly adventurous this is also a great place to look for colorful species of frogs or hunt for delicious, giant, freshwater prawns that hide under rocks. 

Taking a plunge in a cool mountain stream feels amazing Beautiful mountain stream reached by mountain bike Mountain biking is a great way to see the Osa Peninsula
Sunrise over the river from Sierpe del Pacifico
Lot 5 is a great place to build your Costa Rican vacation homeCassidy's Best Value Lot:
Lot #5 "Vistas Del Valle"
As one of 5 premier lots on Sierpe del Pacifico's front ridge, lot #5 offers the customary distinctions of all premier lots:  360 degree views of river and mountains, superb airflow, and distinctive elevation.  It can be said with certainty that lot #5 offers the most comprehensive and open views of all SDP lots.  Sunrises and sunsets are completely wide are views of the Talamanca, Costanera Fila, and Miramar mountain ranges.  With a 2 story, 2000 sq. ft. construction allowance the owner will be able to let their imagination run wild.  Desires for a dream residence can definitely be fulfilled here.  Another feature unique to this lot are the steep drop-offs on either side of the buildable area that not only allow for wide open views, but also allow for parts of the house or deck to literally hang off the side of the mountain, thus creating a breathtaking presentation.  Listed at a price of $165,000, lot #10 is the absolute best value lot available for purchase at Sierpe del Pacifico!!!  For a complete list of available lots and pricing please contact me at

Listing Price Lot #10:  $165,000

Panoramic view from lot #5 This sunset photo was taken from lot #5 Trees that bloom pink can be seen in March along the river from lot #5
Nice panoramic views of the river and mountains from lot #5