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Fishing Reports, Summer 09
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"Saludos" from Sierpe del Pacifico...
Cassidy ScheerDear friends of SDP 
Please let me start off by thanking each and every one of you who has given us your time, attention and enthusiasm since we first started spreading the word about our vision for Sierpe del Pacifico nearly 3 years ago.  We've come a long way since the mere purchase of some rough land where the jungle meets the river that meets the sea....with hard work, patience, and thoughtful feedback from many of you we now have a beautiful, fully functional, adventure rich community of like-minded individuals where the jungle meets the river that meets the sea!  Since our initial offering phase began this past April we've received 4 written offers from clients in as many visits.  These individuals were easily able to understand that this unique combination of tranquility, beauty and adventure is truly a one of a kind value in a one of a kind place.  With the upcoming dry-season soon upon us I welcome each and everyone of you to come and experience the best of Costa Rica with us.  At the very least you'll have a great vacation filled with the sights, sounds, feelings and flavors of Costa Rica...or, like many others - myself included - you'll want to make this great experience a more permanent part of your lifestyle. 
Pura Vida!
- Cassidy Scheer, SDP development coordinator
Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information about Sierpe del Pacifico.
(715) 203 4844
New Improvements to Sierpe del Pacifico Property
Just like our sport fishing abilities, the Sierpe del Pacifico property continues to mature, improve and be alot more fun!  Several recent projects are bringing the final vision of comfort, easy accessibility, sustainability, and adventure closer to completion.  Listed below are just a few of the recent projects we've been working on.
New dock in town - Sierpe del Pacifico operations manager Guillermo and his crew recently completed a 5 slip dock that will function as an in-town staging area for all river related Sierpe del Pacifico activities.  Located on a deep water, outside bend of the river, this completely private facility will be instrumental in providing easy access to the river from our new office currently under construction as well as providing safe, secure boat parking for SDP residents during their trips to town.  Other dock amenities currently being installed are security lights, high pressure washdown hoses for boat cleaning, and a fish cleaning station.  A large riverside deck with tables, chairs, and a hammock or two for chillin', relaxin', and boasting about the days catch over cold cervesas is planned for this area as well.
Community Garden completed -  Sierped del Pacifico on-site caretake Donal has recently finished planting the main SDP communal garden.  By having this work wrapped up well before the start of the dry season it can be assured that all plantings will have a chance to take advantage of the current moisture rich conditions and establish a strong root base.  While there were several different types of flowering and ornamental plants put in during this second phase of planting, a stronger emphasis was placed on edibles.  In an effort to become a more environmentally sustainable community, we planted alot of food that will grow, be picked and consumed right on the property.  Plantains, bananas, sugar cane, yucca root, chaote, coconuts, mangos, papayas, limes, oranges, ugli fruit, star fruit, hot peppers, mammonies and avacados are just a few of the fresh, delicious, and completely organic foods that you will be able to pick yourself while enjoying a walk through the garden.  It is also expected that with all this food, the garden will be one of the best places to spot the resident white-faced monkeys that inhabit the jungle of Sierpe del Pacifico.
Kayaks purchased - With the recent purchase of 4 new kayaks the ability to explore the waterways surrounding Sierpe del Pacifico just became a whole lot more dynamic and exciting.  My father and I had the pleasure of going on the maiden voyage with Jon and Mary Webster from Cottage Grove Minnesota this past June.  The small estero (tributary) that borders the eastern end of the property was the route for our travels and it proved to be a really fun experience.  Cruising along casually at the water's level spying up at the trees and surrounding ecosystem really brought us up close and personal with all going on around us.  While flowing with the current and weaving in and out of the flowering hyacinth we spied monkeys, scarlet macaws, green parrots, huge mangrove crabs, and several types of kingfishers during the paddle.  We all agreed that this activity was a real winner, and with thousands of miles of tributaries to explore throughout the Sierpe river system we expect these kayaking adventures to be a Sierpe del Pacifico favorite for years to come.
The summer of 09 is turning out to be quite a successful one in the fishing department for the Sierpe del Pacifico team and guests.  Everything from sailfish to snapper have been caught, with increased catches of large bottom dwelling species providing the best and most consistent fishing action so far this summer.  The off-shore bite for wahoo, tuna and dorado continues to be good as well.  Below is a complete report of fishing adventures taken aboard SDP fishing boat "La Carlita" this summer.
Sunday May 24th 
Myself, buddy Bruce and local father/son captain combo Steve and Jesus (yes, you can fish with Jesus down here!) ventured south in search of bottom fish and some off-shore action.  After a slow morning jigging on the Llarona reefs we headed 20 miles off-shore to a spot called "the pinnacle" looking for dorado, tuna, or marlin.  The bait was there, but the game-fish weren't, so we took off.  On our way back to some other inshore reefs to try jigging again we came across a giant floating log that was part of a well established trash line.  The first cast up to it from afar with a topwater plug yielded a 10 lb. dorado...after a few seconds of surveying the water around us, we realized that this fish was just one of thousands of game fish attracted to the food chain developing around the log.  The next 3 hours of casting topwaters, dropping jigs, and slow-trolling small tunas caught on-site netted us 20 dorado up to 40 lbs. several small yellowfin tuna, a wahoo, 2 sharks, and a 250 lb. blue marlin....Amazing action!!!
Saturday June 13th
My father, Guillermo and myslef had the pleasure of being joined on the water by Jon and Mary Webster from Cottage Grove, MN.  The bite started off well right away with us going 2 for 4 on wahoo while trolling a variety of plugs and lures at the Paraiso reef in front of Cano Island.  After trolling a little bit longer we decided to drop some butterfly jigs over the reef itself.  It didn't take long for the action to get going as my father hooked up with a nice blue-fin trevally while giving Jon a lesson on jigging technique.  In just another hour we managed to land a variety of jacks, rainbow runners, and bonito, albacore, and yellowfin tuna.  The fresh albacore, yellowfin and wahoo later made their way onto a delicious sashimi platter enjoyed with ice cold beers and fresh picked limes by all back at the Sierpe del Pacifico owner's cabin.
Monday June 15th
My father, Steve, Sierpe del Pacifico builder Marc Leroux and myself headed 25 miles out in search of some off-shore action.  We trolled for a while missing one small marlin that came into the spread before finding a huge floating log with lots of bait under it.  Amazingly, no dorado were present.  After only catching a few small tuna and one wahoo we headed back towards shore, but stopped at the Diablo reef on the backside of Cano Island first.  Fishing butterfly jigs and live baits we ended up having an incredible afternoon.  Final tally on the day was 2, 50 lb. broomtail grouper, 1 big cubrera snapper, several large amberjack, several decent yellowfin tuna, and a plethora of jacks, trevallies, smaller snappers, rainbow runners and smaller tunas.  Despite catching upwards of 100 fish, the real story this day was the big fish that were not landed.  10 big fish overpowered us, breaking our 80 lb. lines in the process.  
Thursday July 23rd - Saturday July 25th
My father's cousin Rick Scheer and his two sons Ryan and Richard joined my father and I for 3 days of enjoying the comprehensive Sierpe del Pacifico experience.  Naturally, this included a good dose of fishing each and every afternoon.  We focused our attention on using a variety of techniques on the Diablo reef on the back side of Cano Island.  The fishing was our best yet!  In total we landed 3 amberjack over 100 lbs., a couple nice grouper, lots of snapper, a couple yellowfin tuna, a 200 lb. bull shark and close to a hundred jacks, rainbow runners and small tunas.  Most fish came on butterfly jigs, but we did manage to get a 25 lb. yellowfin tuna on a popper, as well as a grouper and big amberjack on small live tunas free-lined over the reef.  The bull shark came on a free-lined tuna as well, and despite hooking it on the "marlin rod" it proved too much to handle for just one person.  Ryan, Steve, and myself had to rotate turns on the rod every few minutes due to extreme fatigue!  10 year old Richard gets the best fisherman award.  He (honestly) hooked more fish than anyone else and - with some asisstance - managed to land amberjack in upwards of 50 lbs.  This assistance was very necessary as the first big fish he hooked on Friday afternoon almost pulled him out of the boat!
With two of Sierpe del Pacifico's largest lime trees having been planted here, finding enough of these tasty fruits for your mojitos or cervesas will never be an issue.  Add to this one of SDP's largest and flattest building footprints, superb airlflow throughout the day, and wide, open views of sunrises, sunsets, and the miramar mountain range to the south and you have an ideal location for your Costa Rican retreat.  Given the ample footprint and complete view corridor privacy of lot #9 from other homesites, we will allow future owners to utilize the maximum SDP building allowance of 2 stories and 2500 square feet.  Priced at only $90,000, we expect lot #9 to migrate out of the "best value" category and into the "sold" one very soon.
List Price: $90,000
Pre-Sale discounts almost over
With four sales in the past 3 months we are nearing the end of our initital offerings discount phase.  Only 2 more sales will be offered at a %20 discount, after which all lot prices will return to their normal retail price.  For a Sierpe del Pacifico site map and list of lot prices please contact us at [email protected] or (715) 203-4844.