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Issue 14November 30, 2010
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Catalyst Miami Launch Dec 9

HSC's 15 Year Wall of Honor

We are so pleased to honor HSC founders, board leaders and extraordinary partners on December 9th. You have been selected in recognition of your work for community change and dedication to civic engagement.

1996:  Carol Von Arx, co-founder Human Services Coalition

1997:  Betty Metcalf, founding board chair

1998:  Santiago Leon, founding board member

1999:  Paul Hunt, founding board member

2000:  Jean Logan, founding board member

2001:  Norma Lemberg, founding board member

2002:  Olga Connor, founding board member

2003:  Shirley Aron, former board chair

2004:  Alicia Apfel, former board chair

2005:  Queen Brown, former board member

2006:  Barbara Garrett, former board member

2007:  Modesto Abety, former board member and funding partner

2008:  Esther Castiglia, former board chair

2009:  Susan Jay, former board chair

2010:  Miguel Milanes, mentor and funding partner 
Catalyst Miami FAQs

  1. Why is HSC changing its name to Catalyst Miami? Why now?


We are no longer focused exclusively on human services. We no longer function as a single coalition. We are a network, agents for change, conveners and brokers of shared services. We increase efficiency, help groups refocus on mission, and support them to become agents for larger community and civic change. After 15 years of impact, the name change from HSC to Catalyst Miami is to better reflect the array of services we provide to the community and to other organizations.


  1. Will the same programs be offered?


Yes, Catalyst Miami is building on HSC's successful track record with transformational programs such as the Prosperity Campaign, Public Allies and our Civic Life Academy. We will continue to provide essential economic and civic programming, but we will increase our work in support of individual leadership development and organizational capacity building to expand our reach.


  1. What will Catalyst Miami do differently from HSC?


Catalyst Miami will continue HSC's efforts but make them more focused and market-driven to meet the needs of individuals and organizations that approach us for assistance:


    Develop and support leaders from all walks of life;

    Build stronger organizations that collaborate and address root causes; and

    Work together to improve health, education and economic well-being.


  1. Are new services being offered?


Our new capacity building services will help organizations to work smarter, work together and achieve bigger results. Our strengthened leadership, civic and prosperity services will have greater impact.


5.  What is the new vision and mission of Catalyst Miami?


Vision: We live in a just and equitable society in which all residents are meaningfully engaged

Mission: To develop and support individual leadership and strong organizations that work together to improve health, education and economic opportunity in all our communities.

Parent Leadership Training Institute 2011 Class

PLTI 2011 Class

Applications are available here in English and Spanish

Post-Election Reflection: What Does It Mean for Healthcare in Florida?

With a newly elected Governor, Attorney General, and almost two-thirds of Florida's Legislature opposed to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it is difficult to predict how implementation of the health law will unfold in Florida.

Families are already benefiting from new protections. Tens of millions of dollars are already being spent to train our workforce, support employers, and help our strained clinics and health departments. Despite this, however, state agencies have halted many implementation activities under direction of legislative leadership. This contrasts sharply to most of the country. Read more

Provided courtesy of Florida CHAIN

Available Position: Communications Director

The Communications Director is responsible for: HSC/Catalyst Miami web design and composition; maintaining and growing online civic network; oversight of organizational collaterals and other communication materials; oversight of online advocacy tools and opportunities; creation of training materials related to online civic networking; facilitation of training related to above areas; media relations; event support; general internal and external communications duties as needed. Please submit letters of interest and resumes to Paola Pierre, VP for Administration, or fax to 305-576-1718.

The full position description can be found here.

ACT now as the Unemployment Insurance Program is set to expire for out of work Americans

On November 30, the federal Unemployment Insurance program will end, unless Congress acts to continue it. That means 2 million long-term unemployed people will lose UI in December, and hundreds of thousands more each month thereafter.  

Please, as you sit down with family during the holiday season; send an email to your Rep. and Senators, urging them to continue UI for a year.

Every Member of Congress needs to hear that Unemployment Insurance creates jobs -- UI pumped into the economy will generate the equivalent of 723,000 full-time jobs, according to the Economic Policy Institute.


Thank you for standing up for the unemployed and for opposing upper income tax cuts. The letter also supports the continuation of the low-income Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit. Please don't be silent; sending this email will only take a few minutes of your time and will show Congress that its constituents are holding them accountable.


A special thanks to the Every Child Matters Education Fund for sharing this message.

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