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Issue: #31

March 2012

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CRUISING HAWAI'I: Inspired to Design
CALLA LILIES 2FAQ: Make a Simple Statement
ROYALTY / HULA: Cultural Icons
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March 9 - April 15, 2012

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How can YOU WIN
2 yards of Janice's hand-dyed fabric??

It is easy!


Just buy fabric from Pacific Rim Quilt Company from March 9 through April 15, 2012. For every $10 in fabric you purchase, your name will be entered automatically in a drawing for the chance to win 2 yards of Janice's hand-dyed fabric.


A drawing will be held on April 16 to choose the winners. Yes, there will be more than one winner. The more fabric that everyone buys, the more winners there will be.


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New fabrics and Fabric Packs are being added frequently, check back often.

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Shopping on Kaua'i


Kapaia Stitchery

No visit to Kaua'i is complete without a stop at Kapaia Stitchery, on the Kapaa side of Lihue.  This shop is full of tropical treasures: fabric, patterns, local-made clothing, gift and decorator items.  With a friendly, knowledgeable staff it is always a treat to spend time here. Buy your fabric and one of our patterns there and Peaches or Faith will cut and baste it for you!


Kapaia Stitchery batik

It is the only place in the world where you can find this distinctive Trans-Pacific Textiles batik, with these cute little turtles swimming around. Use it to make a striking Herd of Turtles quilt.

Herd of Turtles, Kapaia Stitchery
Herd of Turtles

They do not have a website, but they do have a phone!  Call 808-245-2281 to place your order.  And tell them "Aloha! from Nancy and Janice".





Calla Lilies


Calla Lilies-white 

Sale Price: $10.00

(Regular Price: $12.00)

click here


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2012 Price change reminder  


Aurifil USA announced price increases at the beginning of 2012. We hold our old pricing as long as we can, but on April 1 the following price changes take effect:

  • 50-weight, 220-yard spools will increase from $3.75 to $4.00 per spool.
    (suggested retail is $4.80)
  • 50-weight, 1422-yard spools will increase from $10.00 to $10.50 per
    (suggested retail is $12.00)
  • 28-weight, 820-yard spools will increase from $10.00 to $10.50 per spool.
    (suggested retail is $12.00)

We are giving you advance notice, so you can stock up now! Click here 


Remember, we carry all the solid colors, plus 14 variegated colors, in the small 220-yard spools.  We let you pick the exact colors you want.







Nancy's studio is beckoning!  Come by yourself, with friends, or family. Come for one day, or many. Sew on your own, or get an applique lesson from Nancy. So many choices! All you have to decide right now is when, then contact Nancy to reserve your dates.



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Are you a nighttime sky-watcher?  If you are, then you probably know that March 2012 ranks as one of the very 
Jupiter & Venus
Jupiter & Venus from Janice's house on May 8, 2012
best planet viewing months. Five of the planets we share this little solar system with are visible during March:  Mercury (in early March), Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn (in mid to late evening). If the sky is clear shortly after sunset, step outside and take a look. The website EarthSky.org will tell you all about it, and show you what to look for.
Let's see, how can I tie this in with quilting?  Hhmmm, I have no idea.  It is just something I wanted you to know about; something we can all share together!  A rare sight to behold.


For our Northwest readers:
Nancy and I will have a booth at the Quilters Anonymous quilt show at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington, March 16-18. The show will be in the new Pavilion building. That means all quilts and all vendors under one roof!This is an all-new building we will really enjoy.
Come see Nancy as she will be demonstrating applique during much of the show. To entice you to come shop, here are our show specials:
  • Receive a free DVD of your choice with a total purchase of $150 or more.
  • Purchase a pattern plus a Fabric Pack together and receive $2 off the combination.
  • Langa Lapu sun-print fabrics - discount prices.
  • All fabric purchases of $10 or more enter you in our Fantastic Fabric Give-away drawing.
We look forward to seeing you at the show in Monroe! 


E komo mai,

Nancy & Janice 


Inspired to Design


For an intimate group of eight fortunate quilters the stars and planets aligned just right in February! These lucky ladies found themselves on a 6-day cruise, in the Hawaiian islands, with Nancy guiding them as they designed their very own Hawaiian quilt. Wow! Here's Nancy's report:


Nancy on cruise

There is nothing quite like cruising: everyone on board smiling and happy, and the staff wanting to serve you in any way they can. We set sail on Saturday evening, leaving Honolulu Harbor (our stateroom had a beautiful view of Aloha Tower and the skyscrapers of downtown) and made our way during the night to Maui.


On Maui we visited the Maui Tropical Plantation, where we saw an amazing array of flowering tropical plants. For the first time, Blue Jade VineI saw a gorgeous Blue Jade Vine in real life. It is the most amazingly bright blue/aquamarine, no photo will ever do it justice. As a little girl, when my daughter looked at something bright she would say "that poked me in my eye!".  This blue jade poked me in my eye! It also inspired a Hawaiian quilt design during the cruise, as did a Crown Flower we saw at these gardens. A visit to the Bailey House Museum gave us the opportunity to view some of their old Hawaiian quilt patterns.


Then it was on to Hilo for one day; Kona for one day--where I visited the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm again.  Still an amazing place to spend an afternoon. As every good quilter does, we made our way to quilt shops at every stop:  Sew Special (Maui), Kapaia Stitchery (Kaua'i), Quilt Passions (Big Island), Fabric Impressions (The Big Island).


Napali Coast sunset
Napali Coast sunset

At 2:00pm on Friday we sailed away from Nawiliwili Harbor around the north end of Kaua'i and along the Napali Coast.  We were torn between photographing the gorgeous cliffs and waterfalls on this unpopulated stretch of coastline, or the amazing show of whales frolicking between us and the shore, and then there was the sunset. A beautiful end to a perfect trip.


TIP: You can find a list of quilt shops and quilt-related venues to visit in Hawaii on the Links page of our website.




Make a Simple Statement


Calla Lilies, purple
Calla Lily, a stately, elegant flower often chosen for weddings.


With its straight lines, gentle curves and few points this quilt stitches up quickly, whether by hand or machine.


We most often think of Calla Lilies as being white, did you know they also grow in shades of yellow, orange, green, pink, lavender and deep dark purple?  So, when you are deciding what color to make your Calla Lilies, any color will do!


TIP: If you are hand-appliqueing with a white applique fabric and are concerned that the turn-under will shadow through, here are two options:

1.  Depending on how thin or thick your white fabric is, you may not notice the shadowing once the quilt is quilted.  Even if it shows when the applique is complete, by quilting in the ditch, the applique fabric is lifted up off the surface of the background just enough that the shadowing is diminished, and sometimes disappears.

2. Consider using two layers of white fabric, like this:  Mark the top layer as directed, then lay it on the second layer of white fabric (think of this as a lining).  Place both of these on your background fabric and continue to follow the instructions.  When it is time to cut, cut through both white layers.  Then, as you applique, trim away approximately 3/16" (or the width of your turn-under) from the lining just ahead of where you are stitching.  This lining blocks any of the darker background fabric from showing through.


Calla Lilies: 24" x 36". Normally $12.00, for a limited time, just $10.00. Buy It Now


Choose any fabric pack you like to make your Calla Lilies quilt this spring. Click here.


Scroll down the page in our 2FAQ Gallery to see several colorful examples of this quilt made by other quilters.



Cultural Icons 


Royalty / HulaRoyalty / Hula was one of the first pattern sets we designed to sell. Back in the 1980's, Nancy's daughter was taking hula lessons and the whole family was involved with the hula halau (hula school). We were displaying our quilts and demonstrating Hawaiian quilting at local Hawaiian-community events. We wanted to have a pattern for people interested in hula and Hawaiian culture to put on their shirts, tote bags, banners, and quilts.


On the left side are the hula implements: 'uli 'uli (feathered gourd rattle), pahu (drum), ipu heke (double gourd drum) and pu'ili (split bamboo sticks).  On the right side are images of Hawaiian royalty: crown, kahili (a feather standard), and fan.


While these may not be instantly recognizable images to many, they are cultural images that hold great meaning to hula dancers and Hawaiians.


Royalty / Hula:  Six 21" blocks.  $12.00. Buy yours here.


TIP:  Use individual blocks on tote bags, on the back of a shirt, or group three for a banner or table runner. 


Hula blocks
Hula blocks



Nancy's Whereabouts:

Here are opportunities to take a class from, or enjoy a presentation by Nancy at a quilt show, guild or shop. Most guilds welcome visitors, so don't be shy.


Upcoming Classes and Events:

  • March 10, Jannilou Creations, Philomath, OR
  • March 12 & 13, Quilting Loft, Seattle, WA 
  • March 16-18, Quilters Anonymous Quilt Show, Monroe, WA.  Both Nancy and Janice will be at this show with all our goodies for your shopping pleasure! 
  • March 21, Quilted Straight, Port Gamble, WA
  • March 27-29, Des Moines Area Quilters Guild, West Des Moines, IA 
  • April 25-26, Valley Quilt Guild, Yuba City, CA 
  • May 4-5, Mountain Star Quilters Guild Show, Medford, OR.  Nancy will be the Featured Artist and we will have our booth at this show!
  • May 21-22, Westshore Quilters Guild, Victoria, BC, Canada
  • June 13, Vancouver Quilters, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • June 14-15, Surrey, BC, Canada
  • June 16, Vancouver Quilters, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • June 17, Lion's Gate Quilt Guild, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • August 3 & 4, Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild Show, Newport, OR - we will have our booth at this show for your shopping pleasure!
Register early for classes.  They can fill quickly, or be canceled if not enough people register in advance.


Click CALENDAR for details and contact information.


Schedule Nancy now for your show or event in 2012, 2013 and 2014. If you would like her to come to your area to teach, let your quilt shop, quilt guild, or show organizer know. Print Nancy's Brochure and pass it along. 


Looking further ahead on Nancy's schedule, here are opportunities to piggy-back on trips she has already scheduled. If other groups in neighboring towns or states schedule a class or event, then travel expenses are shared between the groups.

  • Sept 20-21, 2012, New Bern, North Carolina. Open to book before or after.
  • Nov 1-4, 2012 in New Hampshire and Nov 10, 2012 in New York City. Open to book between Nov 6-9.
  • June 19-20, 2013, San Mateo, CA. Open to book before or after.


If you do not live where you can take a class from Nancy in person, then perhaps a class at Quilt University would work for you.

"No tests. No grades. No Pressure. New classes open every weekend from January until the end of October. Students receive a password to an online classroom with a teacher-led Discussion Forum and Student Gallery. A typical class consists of three or four lessons."


Nancy's up-coming classes begin:

  • March 30, Baltimore Basics
  • April 13, Make Your Own Hawaiian Quilt
  • April 20, Hand Quilting

Thank you for spending a little of your precious time with us, we really appreciate it. Remember to send us your stories, pictures, questions, or suggestions. We love to hear from you.

A hui hou,
Until next time,

Nancy & Janice