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Kid Biz

All That's News in Pediatrics at Northeast Rehab  - Spring 2010


This Issue of Kid Biz
From your Friends in the Pediatric Department
Kids Healthy Lifestyle Program
Step Into Spring
Bilingual Language Acquisition

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world."

- Albert Einstein

Network News

NRH welcomes a new pediatrician!
Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network's Department of Pediatrics would like to welcome Dr. Sandra Lobo, MD to the area.  Dr. Lobo is a pediatric neurologist and has recently joined the practice of New England Neurological Associates, PC at RIVERWALK in Lawrence, MA.  She is a dedicated clinician and an added asset to the Merrimack Valley & Southern NH Regions. 
Welcome, Dr. Lobo!
For more information, please visit
Office Chatter
Construction Update
NRH has just been informed that Lawrence Road in Salem, NH will be closed for construction on the bridge starting in April. 
For your convenience, please use Rte 97 to Bridge Street or Rte 213 to Howe Street when traveling to NRH.  
Our scheduling team would be happy to assist you with directions or any questions you may have.
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At Northeast Rehab Hospital, our goal is to provide family-centered care in a FUN and FUNCTIONAL setting to help thousands of children each year get back to the business of being a kid.
We hope you enjoy our Spring edition of Kid Biz!

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Kid Biz Spotlight

From Your Friends in the Pediatric Department

Summer Camp

It's time to think about summer camp!
Click HERE for updates about Summer Camp 2010 and new staff in Salem, Lawrence, and Nashua. 

Physical Therapy Action

Check out the Kids Healthy Lifestyle Program

The Kids Healthy Lifestyle Program is a community-based wellness program targeting healthy eating habits & healthy activity levels for children and families. 
Please call (603) 893-2900 x3230 or click HERE for more information. 

On the Lines with OT

Step Into Spring
As the snow begins to melt and green grass begins to grow, it is time for boots to go away and sneakers to come out to play.  Shoe tying can be a difficult skill to learn for many children, but there are many ways to make shoe tying fun and easy. 
Click HERE for the full article about shoe tying.
Tying Shoes 

Celebrate the Month of April!
OT MonthDid you know April is Occupational Therapy month?  Watch for information to be posted around the hospital about our staff and the benefits of OT. 
For more information about Occupational Therapy, click HERE

Speech & Language Connections

Bilingual Language Acquisition:  What to Expect
The process of learning how to understand and express language is an amazing accomplishment that involves observation, interaction and practice, practice, practice!
Bilingual and multilingual children have an even more difficult task in terms of learning language. 
If you are the parent of a bilingual child, or the educator or therapist for a bilingual child, be prepared by reading the full article HERE.
May is Better Speech and Language and Hearing Month
BSLH logoDid you know May is Better Speech, Language, and Hearing Month?  Watch for information to be posted around the hospital about our staff and the benefits of Speech-Language Therapy. 
For more information about Speech-Language Pathology, click HERE.
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Portions of this publication were written and contributed by members of Northeast Rehabilitation's pediatric rehabilitation team.  We understand that every child is unique and our staff is committed to the individual rehabilitation needs of each patient and their families.
If we can help in any way to improve the function or quality of your child's activities, contact us now at (603) 893 - 2900 x 3230 or visit our website at  
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Editor of Kid Biz Newsletter:  Cheryl Stewart CCC-SLP, Staff Speech Therapist at Northeast Rehab

NRHN Article Contributors:  
Jon Greenwood
Megan McCarthy
Kelley Vaillancourt, OTR/L