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Kid Biz

All That's News in Pediatrics at Northeast Rehab  - Winter 2010


This Issue of Kid Biz
From your Friends in the Pediatric Department
New PT Programming Coming In February
Keep Kids Busy with Crafts
Teaching Organization Means Clean Rooms

Kid Biz Quote

"In our play we reveal what kind of people we are."

- Ovid, Roman poet

Network News

Promoting Wellness for Children
Northeast Rehab Hospital offers community learning programs for children through our Supportive Learning Programs.
These group programs focus on specific activities and range from Writing to Talking to Aquatics programs.
Click HERE to learn more. 
Office Chatter
Check here for updates related to Winter Scheduling
  • Please stop by scheduling for a copy of your child's newest therapy schedule.
  •  We have tried to meet all of our families' scheduling needs.  If we have been unable to accommodate you at this time, we have kept your name and requests on the list. Please feel free to check with scheduling for updates.
Department of Pediatrics at Northeast Rehab
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At Northeast Rehab Hospital, our goal is to provide family-centered care in a FUN and FUNCTIONAL setting to help thousands of children each year get back to the business of being a kid.
We hope you enjoy our Winter edition of Kid Biz!

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Kid Biz Spotlight

From Your Friends in the Pediatric Department

Kids in Circle

Celebrate the New Year!
Please remember to stay healthy and active this Wintery New Year. 
 Get outside to get some fresh air and exercise.  But remember, Keep safe and dress warmly. 
From all of the pediatric staff to you and your family....  Happy New Year!

Physical Therapy Action

New PT Programming Coming to Northeast Rehab

Kids Excercising

Promoting Wellness for Children 
The Pediatrics Department at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital in Salem, NH, will be initiating a new component to the Supportive Learning Program starting in February 2010 to promote wellness in children aged 8-18. 
Please look for further information as that time approaches to determine if you would like to become more involved in this program with your child.


SleddingSupporting Your Child's Health and Wellness at Home
Children need to stay active within their abilities year-round to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight.  Assisting children in making choices that are balanced in areas of both nutrition and exercise will enhance their abilities later into adolescence and adulthood. 
Click HERE to read more about how to support your child's health and wellness.

On the Lines with OT

Keep Kids Busy with Crafts
Winter can be a tricky time to keep the kids the busy, with frigid weather and limited time outside.
Click HERE for a list of craft ideas to keep busy during these cold winter months and keep those fingers moving! These craft activities will help to strengthen fine motor skills, (i.e. finger dexterity, strength, in-hand
manipulation).  Check out our recipe for home made play-dough as well!

Speech & Language Connections

Teaching Organization Means Clean Rooms
 Kids Room
"Clean this room!"  Sound familiar?  Teaching children how to sort, label, prioritize, and sequence at any age is time well spent.  The winter holiday season is a great time to take control of the clutter and clean up kids' bedrooms and other play areas. 
Click HERE for a few tips to get you going, plus
some strategies to help keep you focused.
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Portions of this publication were written and contributed by members of Northeast Rehabilitation's pediatric rehabilitation team.  We understand that every child is unique and our staff is committed to the individual rehabilitation needs of each patient and their families.
If we can help in any way to improve the function or quality of your child's activities, contact us now at (603) 893 - 2900 x 3230 or visit our website at  
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Editor of Kid Biz Newsletter:  Cheryl Stewart CCC-SLP, Staff Speech Therapist at Northeast Rehab

NRHN Article Contributors:
Kristen Tortora, PT
Cheryl Stewart, CCC-SLP

Kelley Vaillancourt, OTR/L

Rachel Ebert, OTR/L