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Kid Biz

All That's News in Pediatrics at Northeast Rehab  - Autumn 2009


This Issue of Kid Biz
From your Friends in the Pediatric Department
Educate Yourself!
Sensory Activities for Problem Eaters
Helping Problem Eaters Returning to School

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"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."
--Chinese Proverb-

Join us at the BIA-MA Brain Injury Conference 

 Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel
Marlborough, MA

This conference will bring together educators, health care professionals and family members to discuss the current challenges, treatment and research in pediatric brain injury. Many exhibitors including NRH will be at the event.
For more information or to register online please go to

Network News

Please welcome the newest members of our pediatric team:
Michelle Desjardins - OT, Salem/Nashua
Megan McCarthy - ST, Lawrence
Kathrine McGarry - ST, Salem/Nashua
Diane Moody - ST, Salem
Erin Powers - PTA, Salem  

Office Chatter

Check here for updates related to Fall Scheduling
  • Please stop by scheduling for a copy of your child's fall therapy schedule.
  • We have tried to meet all of our families' fall scheduling needs.  If we have been unable to accommodate you at this time, we have kept your name and requests on the list. Please feel free to check with scheduling for updates.
  • To ensure your child's schedule is correct, please check in with scheduling at least 2 weeks prior to the end of your child's last scheduled visit.

Department of Pediatrics at Northeast Rehab at (603) 893 - 2900 x3230 

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At Northeast Rehab Hospital, our goal is to provide family-centered care in a FUN and FUNCTIONAL setting to help thousands of children each year get back to the business of being a kid.
We hope you enjoy our Autumn edition of Kid Biz!

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Kid Biz Spotlight

From Your Friends in the Pediatric Department
Girl with Flu 
The Flu Season is Upon Us!
In order to keep you and your family healthy as the cold and flu season approaches, we are asking for all patients, siblings, and caregivers attending therapy sessions who are suffering from flu like symptoms to be fever free and vomiting free for at least 2 days prior to returning to therapy.  
Remember if your child is home from school due to illness they should also not attend therapy.  Please call the scheduling office for assistance or to answer any of your questions.  We would be happy to reschedule your appointment to another day.  
Would You Take Advantage of a Parent Support Group?
Parent Support
Please help us help you.  Some families have approached our staff about starting parent support groups here at NRH as well as play groups for patients outside of NRH.  If this is something you would be interested in participating in please let us know.  Click here to send an email to us.

Physical Therapy Action

Educate Yourself!
Concussions:  Serious Business!
Does your child play a contact sport?  Have they ever fallen while on the playground and bumped their head?  Have they been involved in a car accident?  Be sure to check them out before they return to play for signs of a concussion.  For more information about concussions and how to prevent them, click here.

October is National Physical Therapy Month. 

National Physical Therapy Month

This year Pediatric Physical Therapists and the American Physical Therapy Association are raising awareness about child development.  Our main goal is to make communities aware of prematurity and the resulting developmental delays.  Click here to read about how to support your child's physical development.

On the Lines with OT

Sensory Activites for Problem Eaters
Eating is a multi-step process that involves many sensory systems.  A person must transition through each step of feeding in order to complete the process successfully. 
If your child is a problem eater, click here to learn how to support him/her through the feeding process.

Problem Eater

Speech & Language Connections

Helping Problem Eaters Returning to School
 Kids at School Lunch
Do you have a problem eater at home?  The worry and concern over increasing a child's caloric and nutritional intake during the school year can be huge for parents with problem eaters. 
Click here for school lunch suggestions for picky and problem eaters, as well as how to enlist the support of your child's school. 
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Portions of this publication were written and contributed by members of Northeast Rehabilitation's pediatric rehabilitation team.  We understand that every child is unique and our staff is committed to the individual rehabilitation needs of each patient and their families.
If we can help in any way to improve the function or quality of your child's activities, contact us now at (603) 893 - 2900 x 3230 or visit our website at  
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Editor of Kid Biz Newsletter:  Cheryl Stewart CCC-SLP, Staff Speech Therapist at Northeast Rehab

NRHN Article Contributors:
Jen Butland CCC-SLP 
Heather Hancock PT, MS, CBIS
Jon Greenwood PT, MS, NDT, PCS
Emily Openlander OTR/L

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