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November 2011






Tolomatic Rod Style Electric Actuators now with Ethernet! 




                 EVG Gripper 

Introducing brand new enhancements to the Tolomatic ERD electric actuator.    

              Ethernet capable, only $75 adder...Thrust force up to 500 pounds!



ERD Electric Actuator / Electric Cylinder Provides Low Cost Alternative to Pneumatic Cylinders

The ERD is a low cost rod-style electric actuator designed as an alternate to pneumatic cylinders and an option for automating manual processes. The ERD electric cylinder is compatible with many NEMA and Metric standard stepper and servo motors to create a low cost, electric actuator solution. The ERD electric actuator is offered as follows:

  • 4 body sizes
  • Ball or Acme screw choices
  • Force / thrust capabilities up to 500 lbs
  • Stroke lengths configurable up to 24"
  • Guide / Anti-rotate option
  • Stepper Drive / Controller & Motor solutions
  • IP67 option
  • All Stainless Steel body construction with protective motor enclosure


Contact us today for more information or a demonstration on how Tolomatic's new ERD affordable electric actuators can help to increase your production and profitability.

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