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August 2011


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New Schunk EVG Electric Servo Gripper 




                 EVG Gripper

Introducing Schunk's new EVG servo-electric 2-finger parallel gripper with highly precise gripping force control and long stroke.  This ultra-flexible gripper is ideal for applications requiring great part variety, sensitive components or clean working environments. Gripping force control in the range of 24 N - 57 N for the delicate gripping of sensitive workpieces

Long stroke up to 100 mm for flexible workpiece handling

Pre-positioning capability to reduce cycle times through a short working stroke with external electronics   for simple integration in existing servo-controlled concepts via Profibus-DP, CAN-Bus

Profiled rail guide for the precise handling of all kinds of workpieces

Mounting from two sides in three screw directions possible for universal and flexible gripper.


Order Schunk Servo Grippers Online 


Contact us today for more information or a demonstration on how Schunk's new EVG gripper can help to increase your production and profitability.

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