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March 2011 
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The Tolomatic ERD electric actuator and ACS stepper drive is designed to be as easy to use as an air cylinder but with the added benefits of speed, accuracy force and economy.

The ERD is a low cost rod-style electric actuator designed as an alternate to non-repairable pneumatic cylinders and an option for automating manual processes. The ERD electric cylinder is compatible with many NEMA and Metric standard stepper and servo motors to create a low cost, electric actuator solution. The ERD electric actuator is offered as follows:



Tolomatic ERD actuators          


                     Order ERD Actuators Online  Starting at only $199!


                                                         ERD Stainless

ACS Stepper Drive/Controller for use with the ERD rod-style electric actuator

 ACS Controller Image

           Order ACS Controllers Online  Starting at only $299!


The Tolomatic ACS is an extremely easy-to-use stepper drive & controller developed specifically to be used with electric actuators. Simply select the configured Tolomatic actuator in the FREE software to automatically set-up most of the necessary parameters to create motion in the desired linear units (mm or inch).


Contact us if you require additional information or for a demonstration on how Tolomatic's ERD and ACS products can improve your profitability.


                                     5 day delivery

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       ERD Installation Manual  
   software image     Sizing Software             
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