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October 2010 
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ACE Controls gas Springs are reliable units made to withstand the demanding needs of industrial and commercial markets.  All ACE gas springs are maintenance free and self-contained, available with body diameters from 15 to 28mm and forces from 10N to 2,500N.

ACE gas springs eliminate the need for muscle force and provide a smooth, controlled and ergonomically sensitive means to lift of close lids, hoods, or machine guards.

ACE gas springs offer an extremely high service life due to design features such as a treated steel pistons and a precision ground steel body.  An integral low friction bearing with lubrication chamber provides low breakaway and long life.

ACE gas springs can be mounted in any orientation and are available in a wide variety of bores, strokes, forces and end connections making installation easy.

All ACE Model AGS gas springs are made in America at the ACE factory located in Farmington Hills, Michigan to assure you of the highest quality and the industries' best delivery.

Ordering ACE Gas Springs is easy at our  Order Online Warehouse.

Please contact us if you require additional information or for a demonstration on how the ACE gas springs can improve your product or process.

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