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June 2010 
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IAI Table Top Robot
TT Robot
Introducing the complete, pre-assembled two or three axis servo controlled table top robot from Intelligent Actuator.  The IAI Model TT is ready to use right out of the box.  Controllers are installed and prewired in the rugged base, all of the cabling to the servo motors is is carefully routed through the pilars at the factory for protection and a neat appearance.  Just plug in, program and you're in business producting, sampling or inspecting your product...all for far less time and money than you would spend designing a customized robot from components on your own.  Contact us today for a demonstration or more information on how the IAI TT Series robot can be put to work for you.


  • Positioning Repeatability of 0.02 mm.
 Made possible by a rigid base, ball screw and servo control motor -
The TT employs a rigid base made of aluminum extruded material. It also uses a high-accuracy ball screw and a servo control motor to allow precision and eliminate misstepping
  • Built-in X-SEL Servo Controller  
           High accuracy and constant speed -
The TT utilizes the high path accuracy and constant speed of the X-SEL controller. Additionally, it provides the same extensive functions and commands as the X-SEL controller.
With the 3-axis specification, the TT lets you perform three-dimensional arc interpolation and path movement. You can also use the TT together with a teaching pendant, PC software of other tools.
A maximum of 64 programs can be stored, and up to 16 programs can be run simultaneously. Up to 3,000 positions can be registered.
            Built-in X-SEL  Controller
  • Gate Type or Cantilever Type.
  • Select One of Two Operating Ranges.
  • Supporting Field Networks (Optional).
         Gate Type or Cantilever Type 

-The gate type for high rigidity or the cantilever type for saving workspace

The gate type has its Y-axis fixed, so it withstands unbalanced loads well and is suitable in applications where the Z-axis receives a heavy load, as well as applications where a large portion of the load overhands the slider.

The cantilever type provides a wide, open work surface, so it is ideal when your equipment will be handling larger loads or loads with an irregular shape in a fixed condition.

           Gate Type or  Cantilever Type
Select One of Two Operating Ranges

 2020 type (200 mm) or 4040 type (400 mm)

In addition to offering two model types (gate type and cantilever type), the TT also provides two selectable operating ranges. Choose 200 mm x 200 mm (2020 type) or 400 mm x 400 mm (4040 type) as the operating range (X-axis / Y-axis) or the actuator. Whether your equipment is handling small loads or large loads, you can select an appropriate model to operate in the appropriate range.

The TT is available in a 2-axis specification and a 3-axis specification. The 3-axis specification comes standard with a Z-axis brake, which prevents the slider from falling when the power is off.

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