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July 2010 
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IAI MECController

Introducing a new Robocylinder controller from IAI.
                                      Easy Operation

MEC Easy Operation

The new revolutionary MEC controller is designed with easy operation in mind. Get setup and running in record time with the intuitive user panel of the MEC controller.

Acceleration and speed can easily be adjusted by a turn of the knob, no need to flip through pages and pages of the manual!



The PMEC includes the controller, power supply, acceleration/speed change function, PC connection cable and all other standard accessories all at an affordable price.

The MEC PC software is FREE.


MEC can use the same PLC programsEasily Replace Your Air Cylinder System

MEC controllers can be operated using the exact same signals normally used to operate air cylinders.

This means you can use the same PLC programs you are currently using.


Use MEC PC software for Push-motion Operation and Intermediate Stopping

          Push-motion Operation /Intermediate Stopping

Push-motion operation can be performed just like you do with air cylinders.

You can also use the MEC PC software to change the standard settings so that the actuator will stop at a desired intermediate point between the home and stroke end.


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