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June 2010 
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Schunk Solar Gripper
Solar Gripper
The Schunk SZG solar cell gripper handles wafers and finished cells measuring 156 x 156 or 125 x 125 mm with incredible speed and precision. A transportation distance of 550 mm including inspection with a camera is acheieved in a cycle time of less than 1 second. The Schunk SZG defines a new performance class in solar cell manufacturing. New and exisiting facilities can be equipped with this sensitive high-speed gripper.
The Schunk SZG is based on the Bernoulli principle. A low-pressure at the gripping
surface has the effect that wafers made of cristalline silicium with a thickness of 110 microns, are gripped gently, but with a high holding force. Special silencers at the
gripper bottom side, a polyurethane friction lining and a large support face provide a stress-free and safe grip.  Integrated pneumatic micro valves allow an extremely short response time and wafers can be blown out while they are deposited.     
Gentle, fast and process reliable

Compared with conventional suction or edge grippers, the wafers are gripped much more gently with a SCHUNK gripper. Integrated air flow automatically removes possible dust particles from the wafer.
A vision system can easily be incorporated to reliably inspect the complete wafer edge, increasing process quality and reliability. In order to control the complete process reliably With a transmitted light source, the wafer surface can be also inspected for cracks.
SZG from SCHUNK is suitable for any robot or gantry system used in solar cell manufacturing.
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