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February 2010 
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  Mini Robocylinder
Introducting the Mini RoboCylinder...another new innovative product from IAI announces Mini RoboCylinder electric actuators that are
based on a ball screw, lead screw or linear servo for exceptional repeatability and speed.
The Mini ROBO Cylinder comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs
of demanding applications. The reduced size makes it the perfect drop in replacement
for pneumatic cylinders. The versatile Mini ROBO Cylinder is the ideal motion control
solution for applications needing precise control and multiple positioning points.
The Mini ROBO Cylinder is also easily programmed for acceleration/deceleration,
push and hold offering easier control than any comparable pneumatic system.
Mini ROBO Cylinder Specifications:
  • Offered in Slider, Rod, Table and Linear Servo Types
  • Repeatability:  ±0.02 mm 
  • Stroke lengths from 25 mm to 288 mm
  • Control up to 512 positions 
  • Multiple mounting positions. 
  •   Space Savings...
    The new Mini RoboCylinder have achieved compact sizes by incorporating
    a newly developed motor and significantly reduces overall length, width
    and height. Systems that could only use air cylinders due to sizing
    constraints can now use Mini ROBO Cylinders to improve performance.    
                                 Mini Robo Cylinder size
                                 Mini-Slider Type
    The slider on the body moves back and forth to perform positioning.
    • The coupled motor can be changed with ease
    • The straight type and motor reversed type are available     Minirobo slider

                                                Mini Rod Type

    The rod extends and retracts to perform positioning and push-pull operation.
    • The slim and short mini rodtype have significantly reduced overall length
    • The guide type with a built-in guide for enhanced rigidity and linearity and the non-guided type
    rod style type robocylinders   
                                        Mini Table Type

    The table on the body slides to perform positioning.
    • The built-in guide allows an overhang load
    • A compact body with coupled motor, long strokes are available
    Mini Robocylinder table type     
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