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December 2009
After 100 years something better than pipe!
Finally...after almost a century, a conductor designed to be used for compressed air. For the past one hundred years, factory compressed air delivery systems were often crafted by a plumber using, heavy, rust infested galvanized steel pipe, thread sealant, and a threading machine..  Now a better solution...
crosssection duratec 
Duratec's unique composite structure incorporates a rigid yet flexible aluminum core, permanently bonded to layers of durable high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. HDPE on the inner and outer layers provides the best corrosion resistance against aggressive manufacturing environments while eliminating the inner scaling, pressure drop and corrosion associated with traditional metal compressed air pipes. Duratec is the first composite piping system that meets all OSHA and ASME safety standards. Duratec fittings are supplied in stainless steel and utilize unique double o-ring seals to ensure long term leak-proof joint integrity. These mechanical connections require no special tools and can be installed by anyone in less than 1 minute.   
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step1   Step One...Cut
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