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November 2009
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Tubular Linear Motors could be your best solution...
Why risk your critical production applications to low speed, high maintenance, expensive mechanical electrical actuators? electric actuator that provides high speed, high force, and incredibly long life at a price you can afford.
How it works...
LinMot linear motors employ a direct electromagnetic principle. Electromagnetic force provides direct linear movement without the use of cams, gears, belts, or other mechanical devices. The motor consists of only two parts: the slider and the stator. The slider is a precision assembly that consists of a stainless steel tube, which is filled with neodymium magnets, that has threaded attachment holes on each end. The stator, consisting of coils, the bearing for the slider, position sensors and a microprocessor board, is designed for use in harsh industrial environments (IP67,IP69).  The Linmot linear motor is truly amazing; it could be the problem solving device you have been looking for.  Contact us for more information or a demonstration.
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