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October 2009
          Machine Guarding without Light Curtains?
Intoducing Proxagard by Gordon Engineering.  Proxagard is a capacitive sensing system designed for industrial safety applications.  The Proxagard system consists of a control unit, coupler, and up to 150 feet antenna that can be easily installed to protect the sensitive areas on any machine.  The coupler generates a low level RF field that surrounds the antenna, any intrusion into this field is detected by a change in output voltage, at first giving a warning that the RF field has been compromised.  When the output voltage exceeds the operator set point a relay output is activated that can be used for an alarm, brake, or machine stop.  Unlike light curtains that require constant care, and adjustment, the Proxagard can be used in dirty or wet environments.  The OSHA approved Proxagard solution is far less expensive than light curtains, and can be integrated almost invisibly into any machine.  Contact us to learn how Proxagard can give you a safer machine environment.  
Meets OSHA  1910.217 (c) (3) (iii)
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