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September 2009
          Schunk Grippers...anything less cost more.
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Schunk Grippers save you money because each gripper is precision engineered to last at least ten million cycles.
Precision, High production, demanding environments... Schunk has the answer. SCHUNK produces state-of-the art of industrial gripping solutions. As the most innovative world-wide market leader in gripping technology and automation, Schunk has the products to increase your production and efficiency.  Schunk grippers utilize a patented multi-toothed, prismatic gripper jaw guide to support the load and keep wear at a minimum.  Time after time, Schunk's superior jaw design allows a smaller gripper to be used when other manufacturers would require a larger, more expensive unit.  Each Schunk gripper is carefully assembled in a clean room environment, 100% tested, and individually packaged with sensor brackets, tools and a detailed user manual.  
Air-Oil Systems' experienced gripper specialists can help you to increase production and lower costs by automating your process with Schunk Grippers.
Contact us with your requirements, and put Schunk Grippers to work for you today.
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