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Go Switch - The "leverless" limit switch
August 2009
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                              GO "Leverless" Limit Switches are designed to last
                                        in the most demanding plant conditions
If your electrical sensors and switches are failing to perform due to
a hot, cold, wet or dirty environment, GO Switch has the solution for you.
GO Switches are designed to perform flawlessly in environments where other switches
and sensors will not - Durability when it matters most 
GO Switches last longer in plant conditions that are hot,
cold, wet, dirty, abusive, corrosive, and explosive. A wide variety of GO Switches are
certified for use in all hazardous areas.   GO Switches have a one-of-a-kind "leverless
limit switch" design that combines the advantages of existing limit switch and proximity
sensor technologies. As a result, GO Switches deliver better performance in the most
demanding applications.   Air-Oil Systems' factory-trained GO Switch technicians are
always available to review your application and help you select the switch that will
work best for you.  At your convenience is our 24/7 online warehouse where you can
learn more about the unique features of GO switches and order online. 
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