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September 2009
           What is Val-U-Manufacturing? 

Val-U-Manufacturing describes the design and assembly division of Air-Oil Systems.  Our goal is to save you time and money by decreasing implementation time and the overall procurement costs of your projects.  How? Our certified personnel can provide a wide range of design and fabrication services from the simplest time-saving service of connecting fittings to valves and cylinders, to the design and fabrication of complex electromechanical panels.  When you contract our experienced and talented staff to procure, build and package your project, you can be certain your product will arrive on time, on budget, and exceed your expectations.  A Val-U-Manufacturing solution by Air-Oil Systems is often substantially less money than building it yourself...that is why we are certified suppliers of "Val-U-Manufactured" solutions to many Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Military and Packaging companies.  Contact us today with your requirements, and put our Val-U-Manufacturing team to work for you.
                       Some of our Recent Projects....
 Feildbus Valves 
 Doug test 
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