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June 2009 

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   Air-Oil Systems can help you GO GREEN... 
The word green is now used to describe a new worldwide focus and awareness of how wasting our remaining fossil fuels can impact our standard of living and the health of our planet.                   
According to many energy industry experts, we may have already paid the lowest prices for energy.   Prices for energy and especially electricity are expected to go up...way up, as early as next year.
New federal legislation, when enacted, will force all coal-fired electricity generators to pay fees to emit global-warming gases.  American Electric Power, the nation's largest coal-fired energy producer is already warning customers of raising rates 115% next year to cover their costs!
In the United States, Industrial manufacturing is the number one use of electricity, accounting for over 40% of all electricity consumed!  The intelligent use and conservation of electricity by the industrial user could make the quickest and most significant impact in saving money and a greener world at the same time.
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Air-Oil Systems has the products and technologies to help our industrial clients to begin saving energy and money today.

Save at least 15% on compressed air costs! 
 Compressed air, like electricity and gas, is an energy medium and therefore must also be conserved and used wisely. It has been estimated that one-eighth of an industrial plant's electrical expense is used to generate compressed air! Air-Oil Systems uses a technique called Numasizing, which enables the resource, compressed air, to be used more efficiently by sizing all the pneumatic components of an air system as well as selecting pressures to optimize its usage.  Over the past 20 years we have been able to acheieve a minimum 15% energy savings without a decrease in speed or production!
The technique not only takes into account all the necessary physical specifications, pressures and components, but objectives such as energy utilization, increased productivity, minimum size components, etc. or blending of several. What ensues is a tailor made circuit designed to your targets.
Best of all, our survey and your guaranteed savings are FREE!
Just contact us and we can help you to save energy today.
Or order your own copy of Numasizing to use on your own. 

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IAI  ROBO Cylinder, Air Cylinder Replacement
iai green automation
 Replace your air cylinders with IAI ROBO Cylinders and save 76% in electricty   costs day after day!  With these savings your initial investment is recovered in just a few short months.
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