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May 2009 

                              tolomatic Smart actuator


                          What is the SmartActuator?

The SmartActuator is a controller, drive and servo motor integrated into one compact, durable, electric linear actuator. The result: reliable, affordable power that is remarkably easy-to-use. Force to 400 pounds and speeds over 20 inches per second!  A complete customized package, delivered in 5 days, for less than $1500!
Eliminate the problems associated with traditional Pneumatic/Hydraulic & Motion Control Systems
no pneumatics no electronics

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The ICR rod-style electric SmartActuator Series comes in two motion control packages:
The ICR Basic for simple extend and retract operation and the ICR Plus with indexer programming and network communication capabilities.
         Both ICR Basic and Plus electric screw SmartActuators offer:
                100% duty cycle for continuous operation
                24 Vdc opto-isolated inputs, NPN or PNP
                Two ball screw pitch selections
                IP65 option for protection against water and dust ingress
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