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Frame-World Structural Aluminum
February 2009 
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Frame World Structural Aluminum Framing Components provide a complete system that allows quick and easy design and assembly of machine bases and frames, stands, guard assemblies, material handling fixtures and tooling supports. Frame-World's wide selection of aluminum extrusion profiles and connecting brackets, fasteners and accessories provide limitless possibilities in assembly and design with significant savings over welded fixtures.
We can customize our products and services to match your requirements!
             Bulk  Profiles                         Components  & Accessories
     Frame-World Bulk                  Frame-World Components Image
 Standard 96", 144.75", 193.5" lengths.              Brackets, hinges,fasteners  
Optional anodized or powder coat finishes           Casters, Gussets, Handles  
Frame-World ProfilesKits                                                       Frame-World Kits
Profiles and accessories are bundled and packaged for each individual frame 
Complete Turn-Key Solutions
             Frame-World Solution       Frame-World Project1
           Frame-World Catalog                          Frame Quoter Software
Fast Frames
 Fast Frames modules are pre-assembled panels and doors which are constructed of 1.5" x 1.5" heavy-duty aluminum extrusions, with wire mesh (black or yellow) or clear Lexan inserts. Each module can be ordered using a single part number, and arrives completely pre-assembled. Just connect them together to form a machine safety guard, enclosure or protective perimeter safety fence. 
Fast Frames
   Why Use Fast Frames?                     
  • Only ONE part number versus 25 to 50 indivdual items.
  • No CAD Drawings
  • No piece-parts to specify & sort.
  • No Assembly!  Fast Frames arrive pre-assembled ready for setup.
             Fast Frames Catalog                              How to order Fast Frames
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