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Replacement Filter Element Special
January 2009 
Greetings! ultra-air elements
We want to help you to start the new year with clean compressed air!  Water and contamination is the number one cause of costly downtime and premature failure of your pneumatic components.  Most of these money wasting problems can be eliminated by installing and changing the filter elements in your compressed air filters.
Micro-Filtration manufacturers high quality replacement filter elements in their Detroit, Michigan factory that are guaranteed to fit and perform equal to or better than the OEM brand at a fraction of the price!  Micro-Filtration produces over 2,000 different filter elements from over 50 domestic and foreign manufacturers with prices at about half of what you would pay the OEM.  Our delivery on some of the most popular brands such as Balston, Finite, Norgren, Hankinson, SMC and others is just days-- not weeks.  Enjoy lower discounted prices at our Online Warehouse for the entire month of January... Download our easy to use cross reference manual and catalog for further details about the elements needed for your specific filter.
replacement filter elements   
                                                           Filter Element Specifications
                                                           Cross Reference Manual
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