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Welcome to the Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development's (CJAED) Newsletter Archive. Within this archive you can explore recent articles published by CJAED.
CJAED is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 by Ms. Sarah Kreimer and a group of Arab and Jewish businesspeople. CJAED is a truly Jewish-Arab organization and the only one of its kind, dedicated to economic development and cooperation between Jews and Arabs. Our activities are based on the premise that Israel's primary resource is its people and that Israel's strength lies in its pluralism and democracy. CJAED works in the belief that Jewish-Arab economic cooperation and the development of a thriving Arab sector, in which the Arab community are integrated into the mainstream economy and society, are essential for the establishment of peace, prosperity and economic stability in Israel and the region. Our vision is to create the conditions for a more stable and just society based on a vibrant economy, equal opportunities, and increased prosperity for all of Israel's citizens.
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