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Second Quarter 2011

Satguru Mata, Satyabhama & Dorine
Satguru Mata, Satyabhama & Dorine-2010

Namaste, Divine Brothers and Sisters,


In a couple of weeks our beloved Mother, Satguru Rama Mata will be with us at the Gayatri Temple. 

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Any opportunity to have the darshan of a satguru should not be missed.  It is a wonderful experience to see someone who lives only to love and heal and bless us?


In the book "Guru Kripa" by Yogi Ravidas and Karuna Ma, longtime chelas of our gurus, wrote on page 43: 
"Then Guruji (Sadguru Sant Keshavadas) spoke of Rama Mata and said to us, "She is the embodiment of compassion." He turned to her and said, "Let your grace flow on everybody. You are the mother of the whole world."
I (Karuna Ma) realized their lila. They are Panduranga and Rukmini in human form. They are my divine parents."


Panduranga and Rukmini are the Kalki Avatars, who will come at the end of Kali Yuga to turn the world from adharma to dharma and lead it into the next Satya Yuga.  We will have a whole program on the Kalki-Krishna Connection at the Summer Retreat in August in NH.  


I send you my love to you all and look forward to seeing many of you at the workshops listed in the column below right.


Prem & Shanti,



The Great Mother   


The oldest references to Lakshmi refer to her simply as Sri.  In the Vedic hymns to subjects of divine content, Sri is She who bestows capability, power and skillful advantage, that manifests as Beauty, luster, glory and high rank.  The later writings of the Vedas refer to her as the ruling power, dominion and majesty of kings and queens.  In some texts, Sri is referred to as the cushion upon which the royal one sits.  Those who are esoterically educated know immediately that this refers to the Kundalini Shakti, the Great Feminine Power sitting in reepose at the base of our spines. Sri also presides over riches, prosperity and abundance in general, leading to general well-being in the form of physical beauty and health, material prosperity and ruling potency.


Two Myths About Her Genesis  

The first states that she was "born" from the Great Spiritual Practices of Prajapati.  Now this is interesting, because the Prajapati are referred to as the forefathers of the forefathers of the forefathers of humanity.  Although they appear many times in spiritual accounts and histories, there is little about what they really were or what their nature and appearance were.  It is not altogether certain if they even had bodies in the sense that you and I do.  But here we find them again, performing austere spiritual disciplines that result in the creation of a seemingly conscious principle - Lakshmi - that personifies all that is wealth in any form.  


The second myth about her genesis relates to the churning of the Ocean of Consciousness shortly after the creation of the cosmos.  The duality of the universe had manifested in very way, and now the very forces of creation were emerging from the whirling energy, the vortex of activity that produced the very form of the universe. 


Light and darkness, positive and negative, centrifugal and centripetal forces whirled away driven by the emerging consciousness of the positive and negative beings that combined compose Shiva/Absolute Consciousness.


As the universe whirls, it is likened to "churning" the Ocean of Consciousness.  The object is to find or produce "that substance which will confer immortality."  Interestingly, the first substance to appear from this whirling of consciousness is poison. In the myth of creation, Shiva takes this poison and drinks it down to his throat area where it stays, harming nothing, including him.  Thus, both demons and celestials are saved from annihilation.  Among other things that emerge from this churning are the "Nectar of Immortality" which is brought forth by Dhanvantari, the celestial healer, and Lakshmi.


* * *


Lakshmi, abundantly manifesting everywhere in the universe, also sits in us.  The second myth concerning her says that she sits patiently at the heart center, the anahata chakra.   


* * * 


When she came upon Vishnu, she was that he was wholly committed to teaching and leading sentient life everywhere to final salvation and liberation.  So touched was she by the power of his commitment that she deemed him worthy of her 

and entered his heart where she constantly resides.  It is said that whenever Vishnu incarnates to lead humanity back again to the Dharma/the Righteous Path, she comes with him.  With Rama, she was Sita.  With Krishna, she was Rukmini (his divine bride.)  With Buddha, she was the disembodied Tara that was always with him.


* * * 


The ten qualities or objects she brings are said to be:  food, royal power, universal sovereignty, noble rank, other forms of power besides royal power, holy luster, kingdom, fortune, bounteousness and beauty.


Lakshmi is associated with the Lotus Flower.  She is often shown sitting upon a lotus, with lotuses adorning her.  Indeed, she is often affectionately referred to as Padma, a word meaning lotus.  Lotuses spring from the mud.  From the fetid recesses of a foul and stagnant pond springs a most exquisite and beautiful flower.  In you and me, from even our most foul karma can spring the shining bounty of Lakshmi.  Again esoterically, padma also means chakra, indicating that she animates every positive attribute of our chakras.  So the lotus stands for purity and spiritual power, even in the midst of physical life here on this ball of earth spinning through space.


As the principle of wealth, Lakshmi includes not only material prosperity but all forms of abundance.  This can include health as wealth, family as wealth, children as wealth, enough food to eat, friends as wealth, beauty as wealth, and so forth.


Of equal importance, Lakshmi includes spiritual abundance as wall.  Compassion, sympathy, empathy, maternal love, the fire of maternal protection, and a constant and effortless flow of spiritual wisdom backed by Divine Authority are all included within the Lakshmi principle.  Because Lakshmi is so often identified with the munificence and softness of wealth and beauty, sometimes the power of Lakshmi is neglected or misunderstood.  Anyone who has tried to do harm to the child of a devoted mother and has faced her wrath has been given just a peek at another side of Lakshmi.  She comes to the aid of the noble-hearted seeker after truth who uses her mantras and chants her suktam with regularity and devotion. 


by Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Ancient Power of Sanskrit Mantra and Ceremony, Vol. I, pp. 188-191. 

Mantras of the month:

Om Shrim Shriyae Namaha

Mantra for the Sri Chakra - the nonmanifest Feminine, often depicted by 9 triangles.

Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyae Swaha

The main/moola mantra of Lakshmi

Eim Hrim Shrim Adya Lakshmi Swayam'bhuve Hrim Jyes'thayae Namaha

Jyeshtha Lakshmi

Om Maha Lakshmi Cha Vidmahae, Vishnu Patni Cha Dhi'mahi, Tanno Lakshmi'hi Prachodayat

Lakshmi Gayatri (Gayatri meter)

Om Shrim Hrim Eim Maha Lakshmiyae

Kamala Dharinyae Simha Varinyae Swaha

Kamala (lotus) Simha (lion) Lakshmi Mantra

Mantras for Healing the Earth

Om Vighna Nashanaya Namaha
To relieve energy blockages especially for the Devas that work with the energies of the various species: wind, water, plant, bird, mammal, fish and human.

Om Ucchista Ganapatayei Namaha
To destroy negativity 

Om Vakratundaya Hum
To correct something that is not working properly.

Om Dhumra Ketuve Namaha
To bring difficult circumstances under an umbrella of peace.

Om Gana Dhyakshaya Namaha
To bring healing to a group. In this case, the people harmed by the earthquakes and tsunami. 

Om Kshipra Prasadaya Namaha
 For immediate assistance.

We offer a number of pujas and fire ceremonies which may be done on your behalf for various purposes.  You will find a list of them here:

If you wish to have a puja performed for you, purchase it online, and one of the priests will contact you to make arrangements with you as to which puja or fire ceremony/yajna you want and when. 


Certified Priests and Pujari
Sri Savitri Devi and Maheshwara,
Sanatana Dharma Satsang Certified Priests, are available for pujas and fire ceremonies in absentia.  Please click here for further details:  Pujas in absentia

Bharata/Bill Barry, a Certified Priest who lives in Massachusetts, is available for pujas and yajnas in his area. Please contact him at 

Rajeshwari/Gretchen Carmel is a Certified Priest, living in Keene, NH.  She is available for pujas and yajnas in her area.  Please contact her at

Mahavir has been certified by Sanatana Dharma Satsang as a Pujari for 9 years.  He is available to do pujas or yajnas in Brooklyn or at your location in the New York City area on a donation basis.  He can be reached at

Parvati/Pat Murphy J has been certified by Sanatana Dharma Satsang as a Pujari.  She is available for pujas and yajnas in Los Angeles area.  Please contact her at


The works of Thomas Ashley-Farrand (Namadeva Acharya) give unprecedented, detailed instruction in how to empower yourself using the techniques of the ancient sages and rishis.  He and Satyabhama were given the mission by their Gurus Sadguru Sant Keshavadas and Rama Mata to bring these teachings to everyone.   


To that end, he wrote and recorded a number of works.  He also traveled to North America and the UK to teach workshops, which Satyabhama is now continuing. 

In May 2012, Satyabhama will  lead a Pilgrimage Tour of India's Holy Places, visiting with the Shankaracharayas at Kanchi Math, Vishwa Shanti Ashram (our gurus ashram), and doing fire ceremonies in the Himalayas, among the highlights of the trip. 


We have founded a religious organization, Sanatana Dharma Satsang, which has opened a Gayatri Temple in Beaverton, Oregon.   Plans are in the works to found temples with residential communities in Oregon, New Mexico, and other locations.  The link to it is in the right column.


These works are offered in a spirit of service.  We sincerely hope that they will further you on your path.


Prem & Shanti,
Satyabhama (Margalo Ashley-Farrand)
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2011 Schedule of Workshops

Satyabhama will be teaching Namadeva Acharya's workshops in the following places: 

June -  Maple Ridge, BC; Satguru Rama Mata in OR
July - Alberta:  Red Deer & Calgary

August - SUMMER RETREAT in NH; Ontrario - Niagara Falls, Toronto

September - TBA

October -  Charleston, SC; Chicago, IL

November - Sherman, TX

December - Austin, TX 

2011 information:

May 2012:  India Pilgrimage - emphasis on Goddess temples
Gayatri Murthi
Gayatri Murthi
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Events at the Gayatri Temple

We have a new larger space at 4040 SW 114th Avenue at Canyon in Beaverton, OR.  There is a large yard for our summer Fire Ceremonies, and the tents are already up.  Y'all come! 


June 21 

Summer Solstice Planetary Puja 


June 24-26    

Satguru Rama Mata Programs

Fri eve and Sun morning: Hari Katha - Stories & Songs of Saints of India

Sat: Lakshmi/Gayatri Yajna


Jul 23 (Sat) Panduranga-Rukmini Fire Ceremony

These are the Kalki Avatars to come at the end of Kali Yuga


August 20 (Sat) - 2 pm 

Lalita Yajna, led by Maheshwara

Sept. 24 - (Sat) 2 pm 

Sudarshana Chakra Yajna

Oct. 1 - Namadeva Acharya's First Mahasamadhi Celebration     


Nov. 13 - TBA


Dec. 21 - 7 pm 

Winter Solstice Planetary Puja    


Dec. 31 - 9:30 pm 

New Year's Eve Gayatri Celebration 

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