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December 2009
The Ancient Power of Sanskrit Mantra and Ceremony
Namaste Friends,
The end of year holidays are approaching. During this season of celebration I can't help but think of those who may not have a good place to sleep or enough food to eat. We try to make donations to various shelters and organizations that feed people. If you are so inclined, we urge you to do the same. Each of us can be instruments for the Grace of God.
Due to my kidney stone attack, we did not go to Waterloo, Canada as planned. We will reschedule and let you know the new date later in the year. This weekend we are off to Austin, Texas.

Some of you may have heard that my tamboura was damaged by a freak accident in Keene, New Hampshire.  Well, it IS repairable, but in the meantime I purchased a new one from Keshav Music in New York. If you have any kind of instrument purchase plans, I recommend Keshav most highly. He is extremely knowledgeable, has toured with many of the major Kirtan wallahs and has several instruments custom-made to his exacting specifications. The tamboura I play is one of his custom-made ones. You can only get one like it from him.

I pray for you all to have a safe and healthy holiday season. I additionally request the divine to help all of your talents and abilities manifest in the highest, most productive and personally satisfying ways.
As always in December, we will be doing the Navagraha (Planetary) Puja on the Winter Solstice and 1000 Names & Powers of Gayatri Puja on New Year's Eve at the Gayatri Temple in Beaverton, OR.  Hope to see some of you there!

I pray God attend your every need and pour forth so much blessing that you will wonder how you have the capacity to receive it all.  Together, we will change the direction of prevailing energies on this planet.  Our earthly home and her inhabitants will receive more Divine energy because of what we can do though our combines efforts.  I have said it before and I say it again. I salute you 
Wishing you the happiest of winter holidays,

In Service with Prem,
Namadeva Acharya
Note from Satyabhama:  We are getting a lot of bounces of this newsletter for people who have changed their email addresses. If you change your email address, please click on "Customer Mailing List" at and follow the instructions to update.  Thanks.
Introduction to Planetary Astotaras
According to Vedic wisdom, there are four distinct kinds of karma.  All of them can be changed except one: the position of the planets at the time of our birth. This planetary blueprint is with us for life. Yet even this karmic pattern can be affected. There are mantras which work with the vibrations of the planets and the effect they have upon us. These mantras can soften the effects of those vibrations by changing the way they interact with our own vibrations.
American Swami Donald Waters, also known as Swami Kriyananda, has been quoted as saying that it can be our karma to fall down a flight of stairs and break a leg. Yet, he says, we can change the way we receive that vibration through spiritual discipline so that when that moment arrives, we only stub a toe.  Planetary mantras are used to soften the effects of planetary karma.

Western Astrology is a solar-based system that charts the relationships of the planets to one another at the time of our birth. This planetary configuration becomes our astrological DNA, if you will. All subsequent alignments and angles that progress through our lifetime are measured against the initial position of the planets at our birth.

The Eastern system charts our astrological DNA using a lunar-centered system. The Indian system, called Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, is thousands of years old. Today many Westerners are studying the ancient Vedic Astrological methods.
Ultimately, it does not matter which method one uses.  What matters most is what you do with the information that is provided. With regard to mantra, the Eastern method has long-standing and built in superiority because it is a proactive mechanism. While the Western model will make certain predictions and provide reliable analysis of tendencies of potential events and circumstances, there is no remedy provided for mitigation of events or circumstance.  In the East, there are plenty of tools for mitigation. Most of them are mantras.

Since 1973, I have used a variety of Planetary Mantras as tools of mitigation for potential conditions and manifested circumstances in my life. The results have been nothing short of spectacular, even though my mantra practices were based upon the Western, Sun-centered model. Thus, I can recommend mantras to relieve astrological tensions and potentialities because they have worked for me.

There are a couple of ways one may approach using mantra for this purpose. First, have your astrological horoscope cast according to the method of your choice, then start to work with mantra for difficult alignments or "periods" that exist in your natal chart.  Additionally, one may decide to do a planetary puja or have one done for you.

One can perform a puja that heightens the positive aspects of the planets and softens the more difficult alignments.  Usually a planetary puja will consist of a collection of 108 names or powers of each of the planets commonly propitiated in planetary pujas.  If you are doing your own puja,Volume II of The Ancient Power of Sanskrit Mantra And Ceremony contains 108 mantras for each of the planets.  Volume III has a puja template you can follow or modify.
See Ancient Power of Sanskrit Mantra & Ceremony, 2nd Ed.
Short Form Planetary Mantras* 
Chanting these mantras will ameliorate the karma of the planets in your chart.
Sun: Om Suryaya Namaha
Moon: Om Chandraya Namaha
Mars: Om Angarakaya Namaha
Jupiter:  Om Gurave Namaha
Venus:  Om Shukraya Namaha
Mercury:  Om Budhaya Namaha
Saturn:  Om Shanaishcharaya Namaha
Moon North Node-Rahu:  Om Rahuve Namaha
Moon South Node-Ketu: Om Ketuve Namaha
*The Jyotish system only has 9 "planets."
Certified Priests and Pujari

Maheshwara and Sri Savitri Devi, Sanatana Dharma
Satsang Certified Priests, are available for pujas and fire
ceremonies in absentia.  Please click here for further details:  Pujas in absentia.

Mahavir has been certified by Sanatana Dharma Satsang as a Pujari for 7 years.  He is available to do puja in Brooklyn or at your location in New York City area on a donation basis.  He can be reached at

The works of Thomas Ashley-Farrand (Namadeva Acharya) give unprecedented, detailed instruction in how to empower yourself using the techniques of the ancient sages and rishis.  He and Satyabhama have been given the mission by their Gurus Sadguru Sant Keshavadas and Guru Rama Mata to bring these teachings to everyone. 

To that end, he has written and recorded a number of works, and he travels to North America and the UK to teach workshops.  Bi-annually, we lead a Pilgrimage Tour of India's Holy Places, visiting with the Shankaracharayas at Kanchi Math, Guru Mata at Vishwa Shanti Ashram, and doing fire ceremonies in the Himalayas, among the highlights of the trip.
We have founded a religious organization, Sanatana Dharma Satsang, which has opened a Gayatri Temple in Beaverton, Oregon.   Plans are in the works to found temples with residential communities in Oregon, New Mexico, and other locations.  The link to it is in the right column.
These works are offered in a spirit of service.  We sincerely hope that they will further you on your path.
Prem & Shanti,
Satyabhama (Margalo Ashley-Farrand)
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The Ancient Power of Sanskrit Mantra and Ceremony
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