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December 2008 

Happy Holidays!

We are wishing you a Winter Solstice with a joyous return of the light; a Happy
Hannukah with everlasting light, a Merry Christmas, a wonderful Kwaanza,
and a New Year filled with the light of Gayatri, the light of illumination of the mind.
We want you to know that we remember you at all the pujas we perform, and we remembered you for blessings for you from Guru Rama Mata and from the Jagadgurus of Kanchi while were in India early this month.
All prem (divine love) and shanti (dynamic peace),

Namadeva & Satyabhama

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May 2009 Be a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Year for You and Yours
Season's Greetings
Thomas Ashley-Farrand (Namadeva)
May the glorious abundance of Maha Lakshmi shine upon you magnificently in 2009. May all spiritual or material deficits be erased and replaced with so much abundance you will walk through your days in amazed gratitude.
May Divine Love blossom in you mind and True Spiritual Light flood your mind.
May your health issues be completely resolved in your favor. May your close loved ones also be so blessed.
May all of your relationships be so blessed that any problems disappear and emotional scars are miraculously healed. May joy replace any negativity in any of your meaningful relationships.
May this be the year of spiritual breakthroughs for you. Let various states of samadhi, enlightenment and realization come to you. May those who look to you for spiritual guidance realize what a blessing in their lives you are, and may you be the vehicle of Grace for all who come to you for help.
By the Grace of the Supreme, may all of this be so.
Upcoming Events

New Year's Eve Gayatri Celebration
1000 Names of Gayatri Puja
12/31, 9:30-Midnite
Gayatri Temple, Oregon

Mysterious Kundalini
7:00 pm, Jan. 16, 2009
9-5 Jan. 17-18
Contact:  Gayatri Temple, Beaverton, OR

Lakshmi Workshop
7:00 PM Jan. 30, 2009
9-5 pm Jan 31-Feb 1
Los Angeles, CA
Contact Jagadamba

Workshop TBA
7:30 PM Feb. 6, 2009
9-5 pm Feb. 6-7
Albuquerque, NM
Mysterious Kundalini
7:00 PM Feb. 27, 2009
9-5 pm Feb 28-Mar 1
London, England
For further information, please see
The world is changing in many ways, and the acceleration of that change is visible to us all. As agents of positive change in this world, you are a blessing to the planet and to humanity. You have our profound respect and gratitude for all you do.  May you want for nothing, and may God hasten to your every need and prayer.
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