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This Week and beyond. . .
January 2, 2010

This Week. . . and next

Sunday                9:30       Adult Education
                           10:45       Worship

                           12:00       Fellowship & All-Church Potluck and
                                           White Elephant Gift Exchange

        Worship Rota
Elders: Brandon Shaw, Cynthia Taylor

          Welcoming:  Gwen         
          Children's Church: Karen Hanson

Wednesday      6:00       Dinner & Spiritual Practice

                          7:30       Choir

9:30       Adult Education
                        10:45       Worship

                        12:00       Fellowship
                        12:15       Out to Lunch Bunch

      Worship Rota
Elders: Barbara Huckins, Karen Hanson

          Welcoming:  Gwen         
          Children's Church: Sally Minton

Wednesday, January 5: Dinner & Spiritual Practice @ 6:00

Sunday, January 9: Out to Lunch Bunch @ 12:15

White Elephant Gift Exchange
and Monthly Potluck on January 2

On the first Sunday of 2011 you'll have the opportunity to pass along some of your "prized possessions" - or at least those wonderful items that are still in great shape but you just no longer need (or want!) them.  That's right, in honor of the gifts that the Magi brought to the baby Jesus, we're going to have a "White Elephant" gift exchange during our potluck lunch. It will be a lot of fun, and who knows what new "prized possession" you'll come home with!

Haiti Needs SoapHaiti Still Needs Soap

   Remember to bring SOAP to worship this Sunday and next and we'll make sure it gets to Haiti.

at prayerCircle of Prayer

Please hold in prayer. . .
Rev. Susan
Family & friends of Paul Almeda,
cousin of Salvadore, who passed away on Dec. 22nd
Harvey March,
TURP operation postponed indefinitely
Linda Rice,
recuperating in her new home in Millbrae
Family & friends of the sister-in-law,
sister-in-law of Ed Acarela, Cynthia Taylor's co-worker

Alberta Siverand, health concerns
Mildred Burrell, declining health and her family caring for her

Barbara Duckett, health concerns
Lana Duarte, struggling with MS
Mercedes Williams, daughter of Cynthia Taylor's friend
Jack Hirsch, Ellen's friend, leukemia
Blondell, sister of Lou Taylor
Joan, Barbara Huckins' friend, cancer
Dolor Disbarro, Vangie's friend, breast cancer
Ethelyn, mother of Chenetta Jackson, friend of Lillian Dixon
Eric Peterson, Karen's nephew, multiple congenital health issues
Chester Hurdle, Bonnie Hawley's uncle
Fred Trapkin, Ellen's friend, health concerns

Church in our Region to hold in prayer this week, for vitality, spiritual and numerical growth, commitment to serving their neighborhood and openness to the Mighty Spirit of God calling them into Ministry:  Bethel Christian Church, Alameda (Korean Language), East Bay Area; Pastor, Moon Lee

                                                Continuing Concerns
Andrew Allagree; Joe Bluford; Gary Counsil; Ray Elizondo;  Nancy Jenkins; Marilyn March; Dominick Mott; Gloria Quinn; Allen and Elaine Steinmetz; Juli Brooks-Tarry

Forest Hill Christian Church
"To be and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ from our doorsteps to the ends of the world"