May 4, 2012

Developing, Nurturing
& Supporting Leaders

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Synod of Lincoln Trails

2012 Meetings

July 21

Philo Presbyterian Church

Philo, IL


October 26-27

Philo Presbyterian Church

Philo, IL




May 12, 2012

GA Commissioner Training

Hilton Garden Inn

Merrillville, IN 


June 30-July 7, 2012

General Assembly

Pittsburgh, PA



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Commissioned Ruling Elder Continuing Education Offered by the Synod of Lincoln Trails


The Synod of Lincoln Trails is offering continued education to commissioned ruling elders. The Rev. Dr. Laura Reason, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Highland, Ind. will lead participants through the sacred seasons of the luturgical year. Dr. Reason is a eight-time teacher of preaching and worship leadership to Synod of Lincoln Trails ruling elders.

CRE ConEd Dates:
August 18, 2012 - Preaching and Worship, Pentecost II - Year B
Nov. 2-3, 2012 - "What I Want to Know Is..." and Preaching &
                          Worship, Advent/Christmas/Epiphany - Year C


Becoming a more diverse and inclusive body

A message from Linda Valentine, General Assembly Mission Council


I have just returned from the National Multicultural Conference in Charlotte, NC, where it was a joy to experience a foretaste of the "great multitude ... from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages" envisioned by John in the book of Revelation (7:9).


The conference's theme, "God's Door is Open: Who Are We to Stand in the Way?," based on Acts 10-11, was designed to help participants to see changes in our church and culture not as threats but as blessings.







 I <3 (♥) Mom


by Landon Whitsitt

Vice Moderator of the 219th General Assembly

Office of the General Assembly



LOUISVILLE -- On important days like birthdays, graduations, and Mother's Day, my mom and I play a game. We race to be the first one to call the other and acknowledge the day.


It began a few years ago when, um ... a "friend of mine" (yes, that'll do) forgot to call his mother on her birthday. Rather than be hurt, she called him to say, "Happy birthday to me!" This "friend of mine" made it up to her the following year when he phoned her on the West Coast at 8:00 a.m. Eastern time.






Stewardship Ministry


by David Crittenden


We tend to use the word stewardship when we talk about faith and money. I hope we never forget that stewardship is a larger concept; it is about being faithful disciples, caring for and managing all of God's creation. What we often mean by stewardship is also referred to as financial discipleship. Philadelphia Presbytery has taken the wider view of stewardship; take time to see what is has planned for its congregations. Do you need this kind of education in your presbytery or congregation? What is your presbytery or congregation doing in the area of stewardship as it relates to our discipleship?




   Covenant Gathering 2012

  Registration Now Open!



July 1 - July 6, 2012
Michindoh Conference Center
Hillsdale, MI

Reflections on the early church

To the pastors and congregations of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)


Grace and peace to you in the name of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ.


We are in Eastertide, that most glorious time of the liturgical year when we celebrate God's raising of Jesus from the dead. What an amazing story Mary Magdalene shared with the disciples that first Easter morning: "I have seen the Lord" (John 20:18).


Later, in Acts, the apostle Peter says to the crowd, "This Jesus God raised up, and of that all of us are witnesses" (2:32). And with that, the early church took root and spread like wildfire.





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