We join you in remembering those whose lives were taken.
As we take time to reflect on the 10th Anniversary of a day none of us will ever forget, let us come together to remember, to express our gratitude to those who demonstrated what it is to be a hero, and to pledge ourselves to live in honor of their bravery.

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About Deck for a SoldierŪ


It's pretty amazing what we can do as an industry

to say thanks to our fallen heroes & those who continue to serve! To get involved with NADRA & their Deck for a Soldier program, send an email to:


The North American Deck & Railing Association is behind a campaign to show appreciation for members of the armed forces by building them decks.

BPD asked Heather Beaudry, NADRA's membership, chapter and event coordinator, how lumber dealers can participate in the
Deck for a Soldier program. See Q&A HERE


NADRA launched its Deck For a SoldierŪ program in 2007 when an inquiry came across the NADRA website. Sergeant Thomas placed an inquiry to NADRA member through, in anticipation of scheduling a deck build when she returned home. Here, the idea of building a "Deck for a SoldierŪ" was born. This is a community effort that expresses our appreciation for the service and dedication of the

men and women of our armed forces.



Below you will find the most current Deck for a Soldier projects completed by NADRA members in the Spring and Summer of 2011.


NADRA's GA Chapter is in the process of

organizing their 2011 D4S build now.



WWA D4S Ribbon Cutting

See recap here from NADRA's Western Washington Chapter's Deck for a Soldier build.


Kate Royer, local Western Washington Deck for a Soldier Committee member says, "Grand thanks and gratitude for all the people who have made this build possible. This was completely a team effort & a huge honor to work together to show our support for our Soldiers and our country."



Here is a video from NADRA's New England Chapter. They recently completed their very first Deck for a Soldier build. (be sure to turn your volume up)

NADRA New England Chapter, Deck for Soldier Build

Ed Lenzi, local New England Deck for a Soldier Chair says, "We couldn't do it without you! We are excited to give back to someone who has put so much on the line so we can have our coffee every morning. This guy was overseas for three tours as his family was left behind managing."



NJ NADRA Rocks 1
NADRA NJ Chapter, Deck for a Soldier 2011

To see photos from the NADRA NJ Deck for a Soldier build, "like" them on FaceBook and check them out! Like us on Facebook


Jen Sheridan, local NJ Deck for a Soldier chair states, "What better way to give back then swinging the hammer, carrying a few boards, and a little blood, sweat, and tears to show how much we value our fellow American and all that he has sacrificed to keep our country free! With a lot of teamwork (and some very skilled NADRA members), we were in and out of this job in no time. It was quite an honor to work on this project as well as to work with such giving people in our industry!"



NADRA Minnesota Deck for a Soldier
NADRA Minnesota Deck for a Soldier

"Our members were very excited about participating in the Deck for a Soldier campaign", Noonan says. "It's an honor to come together and pay tribute to the brave service men and women who made sacrifices on our behalf."


Everson  says (Soldier) he is now grateful for the simple joys, like enjoying an afternoon in the backyard with his two young daughters. "It's hard to explain when somebody else does something like this for you, hard to put into words how much you appreciate it."





To get involved with NADRA's Deck for a Soldier program,

Email us today at


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