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"This training will change your perception and will provide you with the strength to move toward that which energetically and intuitively feels right for your life and will help you release from that which does not resonate."-TIMBo Trainee

After our pilot training in Boston and 3 subsequent trainings in Haiti and Concord NH we are thrilled to tell you of our TIMBo certification training program!

Empowering the people creates a broader impact

At yogaHOPE we fervently believe that change happens through empowering the people. It is with this belief that we have developed the TIMBo Certification Training Program. We have seen first hand how powerful this program is we want to see it reaching women everywhere!

Interested in Joining us in Haiti in November? Our November trip is only eligible to TIMBo Foundation graduates and counts as a part of the TIMBo certification! Sign up today and see why this training is changing so many people's lives.

Please visit for more information on trainings or email for more information!

TIMBo Training in Washington DC in August


August 8-11
registration now open  
The word is out. This training changes lives..even saves lives. Read HERE from one of our Boston Trainees about the power of this training, and HERE for an account recently written by one of our NH trainees.

Sign up now and see for yourself why so many people's lives are changing with this training. This TIMBo Foundation training is open for registration. Click HERE for the Washington DC Training Details

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yogaHOPE welcomes Marika Michelangelo
It is with our great pleasure that we welcome long time yogaHOPE volunteer, board member and TIMBo advocate Marika Michelangelo as our new Director of Strategic Partnerships.

Marika has over ten years of experience working in the nonprofit sector in community health and management. Marika holds a Master in Public Administration and graduate certificate in Community Health and Management from Suffolk University.

Her experience and expertise includes program and event management, operations management,volunteer management, and strategic planning. Marika began volunteering with yogaHOPE in 2007 and has been a fervent supporter of the organization throughout the years.

 Over the last 3 years, Marika
has been working with Sue Jones to transform yogaHOPE by creating the TIMBo curriculum, TIMBo Certification Program and Global Initiatives. Marika is also one of three senior trainers in the TIMBo Certification Program.



Haiti, Concord NH & Washington, DC 

The success of TIMBo continues with our second TIMBo certification training in Haiti (module #2) and our TIMBo foundations training in Concord NH!

We are so thrilled to be seeing the immediate results of our empowering and healing mind body program and we are even more excited to be initiating research on the effects of this powerful curriculum. This past April, our research team accompanied us to Port-au-Prince where they met and collaborated with the research team of our partner organization AMURT-Haiti. Together the teams will be developing measurement tools that are specific to the TIMBo program as well as culturally relevant and sensitive to Haiti.

We are so excited for our research team to be returning with us in July to get the project started.

For a glimpse into this training, watch this video below to see how this training is changing the lives of some of our Haitian trainees.

yogaHOPE TIMBo training in Haiti
yogaHOPE TIMBo training in Haiti

In addition to our trip to Haiti, we recently held a TIMBo Foundations training in Concord, NH. This training was intense, powerful and empowering for so many of the participants and it helped us to understand how life changing this curriculum really is. Our next TIMBo Foundations training will be held in Washington DC and registration is OPEN!

Read below to hear what some of our trainees have to say about the training and you'll understand why many of our NH participants will be joining us in Haiti in July!

"It was an amazing experience! I didn't realize how much I would learn about myself in the process. I think the whole program is so powerful and I hope more and more people get to experience it."-TIMBo trainee

"This was, by far, the most life-changing experiences at a training I ever had. The power of the curriculum, the deep connection I felt to this group, and the intense healing I experienced was so beautiful." -TIMBo trainee 

"I have never had a workshop experience that touched me so deeply. I came home with my heart so open and felt the positive results of that in all of my relationships including my family, students and clients. I am inspired to become a facilitator as I believe this body of work can change the lives of women all over the world." 
Maltz, LICSW, Black Belt Nia Instructor  

We are so excited to continue with the TIMBo certification training program and empower so many of you in becoming leaders in this program.

To hear from our last group of TIMBo trainees and Haiti travelers about their experience in Haiti please watch this powerful video!
Project Haiti with
TIMBo training in Haiti
For more information on our TIMBo trainings or our Global Initiative in Haiti visit HERE

or email us at

With love,
Suzanne Jones
yogaHOPE Goes Global 
and we want YOU to join us...  

Project Haiti  
We have some very exciting opportunities for you to join the yogaHOPE team on one of it's Global TIMBo Initiatives!

We are continuing our TIMBo Certification Training in Haiti in July with the Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama instruction module. Whether you are going for the TIMBo certification, want to learn about trauma sensitive yoga or just want to experience Haiti, we welcome YOU to join us for this once in a lifetime experience. For more information go HERE.

 We will be returning in the fall for another the Facilitator Technique training module to continue the TIMBo Certification Training. This module will be open to TIMBo graduates only. Fundraising commitment of $3500 required.

Want to go for the certification in one go? Join us for a full
TIMBo Certification training in Haiti

You will train side by side with some of the most beautiful open and warm hearted Haitian people that you would ever hope to meet. The Haitian team that we will work with throughout  this year will also be working with our yogaHOPE team to train you, along with a group of Haitian trainees. Your fundraising commitment will be $10,000 so you can get started now. Trip scheduled for February 2013. For more information email

or visit HERE for more information and more videos

Joing the global TIMBo Initiative and empower communities to heal themselves