July 2011

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Chopstick etiquette?
We have answers in this brief highlight.  Click "Rules" to know the "ins and outs"  of chopstick use.  Be informed; don't insult anyone with whom you are dining.

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If you want to travel in 2012 and do so at 2011 rates, complete travel by March 31, 2012 to get 2011 rates. Click Spring 2012  for itinerary options or create your own tour.  


Adoption  & Heritage Resources

Would you like to know a great book on adoption parenting?  Or, how about a video to prepare for a return trip to Asia?  Check out  the     Books & Resources   listing of recommended resources.  

"I'm so glad I brought ...." 

We asked some of our heritage travel families what were the items they were most glad they had packed.  Click
Best Things to read a few highlights.


Hope this summer finds you well.  While it has been unseasonably hot in much of the US, our return from Guangzhou to Seattle, welcomed us with more cold than we expected.  It has been a great year of welcoming many of you to Asia on heritage trips. Louie, my husband, has certainly enjoyed his role as "Uncle Louie" in escorting a few tours this summer.   


In this issue, we focus on a couple of customs and traditions, including naming conventions within Asian families.  We also like to highlight some practical aspects for families, such as restaurant "norms" in China as well as chopstick etiquette.   


Feel free to contact us to suggest topics you would like us to write about, as we welcome suggestions.  Also, many families taking trips this summer have shared their photos. We always enjoy seeing these.   Please write anytime to Lea@lotustours.net.    


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Lea in Guangzhou 

Names in Asia 

Ever wondered and wanted to learn more about typical naming customs and habits within China?  Click Names  to read an excerpt about routine traditions about naming.  Learn why families in China do not follow the American tradition of giving a child the same name as a father or other family member.  It's interesting to learn more about this cultural aspect of life in Asia.    

Louie Yi: 2011 Travel Advantages &  

2012 Travel Forecast   

airport silhouette kidLower price is one advantage, though there are others.  For best prices families should consider traveling in Fall/Winter 2011 or complete your travel anytime before the end of March 2012.  Once April 1st arrives, travel prices kick over to 2012 prices, which are expected to be a minimum of 10% higher due to inflation in China.  Also, springtime offers beautiful weather for travel.   Winter break can offer an ideal time to travel without missing any of the school schedule and is a lovely opportunity to experience the holidays in China. Click Louie's Travel Forecast to read a letter to clients sent earlier this year. Or contact louie@lotustours.net directly with questions.    

Restaurants in Asia 

Ever wonder about the fascination with whole heads restaurant in china

on the fish while eating in restaurants in Asia?


Click Restaurants  to read more about habits and norms while dining. It can help you be well prepared for a return visit to Asia.

  White Swan Update  

Leaders at Lotus Travel are staying in close

white swan hotel

White Swan waterfall

communication with White Swan personnel about upcoming renovations. 


Click White Swan Changes to read Lea's article about upgrades and changes  coming to the White Swan hotel as well as temporary closure dates and recommended alternatives. 

Vietnam Volunteer Tours  

Lotus hwoman  on bikeas a history of serving VT families with  flexible itineraries.  We are glad to announce a new tour  which has an option to volunteer at an orphanage after seeing key cultural sights throughout Vietnam.  Click VT Volunteer to read the full itinerary.  
Dragon Boat Festival

Favorite heritage photo of Summer 2011!

Dragon Boat Festival

girls handstand

Some unexpected antics grab
the attention of this soldier at Tiananmen Square. It also captures our vote for our team's "favorite" of the summer.  We always enjoy seeing photos of your family, whether at home, during an adoption trip, or taking a return trip to China. If you have a photo you would like to share, please send to iris@lotustours.net  You may get to see it in this spot!