May  2011

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China Train Travel
Panda Update
Volunteer in Vietnam
Fall /Winter China Travel

October 12th:   

Panda Volunteer Tour 


Red Thread Thanksgiving Tours: Nov.17th 

Beijing or  Shanghai 




Governmental partnerships at zoos around the world have allowed many audiences to see the adorable giant panda; several pandas have been born abroad. Some of these pandas have returned to China. Click Return for details.

Christmas in Asia ?

 It can be a beautiful time:  China offers:    Water Cities  or 

Christmas trip  


 Vietnam offers:  

Build your own  

South to North 


North to South  


VT Beach &   Heritage 


Want to include the beach on your Vietnam return trip.  Click: VT Beach to see a full itinerary that allows for exploring family roots as well as relaxing and having fun.

China 2012    

joe gayle girls and i minority stop 

If you want to travel in 2012 and do so at 2011 rates, click Spring 2012 to view this itinerary lead by "Uncle Louie".  You can reserve your space early.  



leas family 3

Yangtze River Cruise trip

This is a hectic season for schools and parents as many activities reach a peak.  Also, Louie is busy as many of you begin vacation season and summer heritage trips. In a short time, we will pause to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival on June 6th by eating "ZongZi", sticky rice dumplings -- something we always like to do!  


In this issue we share an overview article about train travel.  It is a topic about which clients have many questions typically. Also, I share in an interview some of my thoughts on train travel. This includes one of my most memorable train experiences-- one which we make sure our clients don't have:)!   You can click Lea to read.    


Regardless of your summer plans and whether those take you to Asia this year or elsewhere, we wish you safe and wonderful travels.    


Best regards, 


Lea  Xu 

Vice President

 Train Travel in China   

Do yotrain loadingu have basic questions about train travel in China.  Click China trains for a quick and thorough overview and issues to consider if you are thinking about including train travel on a China trip.     

Beifengxia Panda Update  

After the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, the panda panda Mei Xianpopulation was moved to Bifengxia.  Click Bifengxia to read about life  at the new location for the pandas.  Or, read below to find out about our tour which allows families to volunteer for a full day at Beifengxia.

Volunteering With Pandas- Louie Yi  

louie and red panda "Although this photo shows me holding a red panda at the Chengdu Panda Reserve, I am excited to announce this new tour that allows families to volunteer with giant pandas at the Bifengxia Panda Reserve. It's a first for Lotus Travel and is a new opportunity for our families. Volunteers will assist in preparing food, cleaning cages for pandas and more. Click PANDA VOLUNTEER for full details or you can contact me at [email protected]."   

Vietnam Volunteer Tours  

Lotus has a history of serving VT families with woman  on bike flexible itineraries.  We are glad to announce a new tour  which has an option to volunteer at an orphanage after seeing key cultural sights throughout Vietnam.  Click VT Volunteer to read the full itinerary.  

Airports with claims for "Most" 

Most crowded:  Atlanta

Most delays: London Heathrow

Worst Weather:  Chicago

Hardest to reach:  #1 Washington Dulles

                              #2 Beijing

Hardest to navigate: Phoenix

Dragon Boat FestivalDragon Boat Festival

Hong KoDragon Boat Festivalng Dragon Boat Festival: June 17-19 

If you are in Asia in June, you may wish to include a cultural sight of the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, taking place June 17-19th.  It a colorful tradition that features elaborately painted boats with carved heads and dragon tails.  During the festival, there are teams with 20 paddlers on a team that race fierce-looking dragon boats to the beat of drums.  It is sight  to be remembered!