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China Travel Dos and Dont's
Vietnam Travel Tips
Hong Kong -- Inexpensive Fun
Language Camp in Beijing

Maps of Guilin

Guilin park and water

We have a supply of maps of the Guilin area.  If you would like to request a free map of Guiln, send an email to: [email protected] 

Please include your snail mail address   

Sponsored Workshops 

We offer educational workshops to FCC, FCV groups.  The workshop costs are sponsored by Lotus Travel, given sufficient interest at a locale.  Culture camps can also benefit from this resource.  For more information, contact [email protected] or view online at:  Heritage Trip Workshops 

Tour before WS Renovations ?

Some clients ask what is the last tour to take prior to the White Swan renovations.  Though we customize to any schedule, our last standard tour prior to their closure is the China Heritage Dream Tour, departing June 27th.  Click Dream to review this tour's  agenda.

Extended Stay Apartment

  Guilin apt bench

Want to live among local Chinese famililes in a middle class apartment?  Check out the Guilin extended stay apartment. 

Click Guilin to view details.

FCC & FCV workshop-      N. California

The Lotus Travel heritage trip workshop is coming to San Francisco area on April 29th. Click SFO for details. If your FCC or FCV groups is interested in this resource for your group,  email [email protected]   We are happy to support culture camps and related groups

Vietnam Travel

Lotus is known for creating flexible tour schedules. You may design your own itinerary. Click build a trip to view this option.
Or, feel free to gain ideas from some sample itineraries.  Click: Sample to get planning and ideas started.  We work with any agenda and have resources to support you along your journey. 

                                    March  2011

lea and family on the deckHello,   

We share a brief update regarding the major renovation for the White Swan Hotel and am happy to report that Lotus Travel will be purchasing the famous front lobby "red couch" and holding it as a keepsake for adoptive families. We continue to serve adoptive families, whether for adoption trips, heritage tours or leisure travel.   


Our family is enjoying life in China.  With the girls' school and business, life seems always busy. It can be a challenge to keep up with work and family.  Fortunately Louie and I both enjoy our work -- he gets to meet a number of families on his specially escorted tours.  I spend time with girls for homework and children's activities, so I like to connect with discussion on the Living in Two Cultures yahoo group. I really enjoy the chance to periodically discuss the differences and similarities as well as challenges in bridging two cultures. Feel free to join at: 


As always, I look forward to seeing you in  China or Vietnam, on your next trip!  


Best regards, 


Lea  Xu 

Vice President

"Do's" and "Don'ts'" for China Travel  


guilin scenery

Interested in a quick list of "dos" and "don'ts" for a trip to China?  You can read this for yourself, or share with friends and family, just click "Do's and Don'ts".   You share this list with other family members who may accompany you on a future trip to China as well! It's great to have extended family experience your child's culture first hand.

 White Swan Renovation Update 

  white swan hotel exterior

Lotus Travel leaders have news from White Swan General Manager that the renovation requiring temporary closure is set for August 2011-2012.  There will be  a special July tour with Lotus travelers to mark the occasion. Lotus Travel is purchasing the red couch from the front lobby, and holding it as a keepsake for adoptive families.  The funds will be part of a donation to the special needs orphans for medical care in Guangdong. For families staying in Guangzhou during the White Swan renovations, Lotus has already made special discount rate at the Marriott China Hotel and has contracted relationships with other key hotels in the area, including the Victory and the Garden Hotel. The design plans for the updated White Swan are lovely; the hotel will have many new appealing features.  Stay tuned! 

Mandarin Immersion & Beijing Culture Tour

Temple of heaven

This tour program offers an interactive and fun immersion approach to learning. This program has coaches for each language team while combining learning and touring all in one great experience.


Click Mandarin Tour to view the  full agenda.  Our July tour has spots for 3 more families. This program is available for $999 to families who book by April 30th.  This is a great summer option! 

Hong Kong-- Inexpensive Fun  
You don't have to spend a fortune to have fun in Hohong kong sunriseng Kong... Click Hong Kong Fun to read ways to explore some fun "territory" in the area that are free or almost free.   While Hong Kong is an expensive city, one can easily navigate the area without a guide, since English is so prevalent and the local culture is a blend of Eastern and Western cultures.

Panda Update & Panda Volunteer Tours 

Panda 4 year old Tai Shan

As we all recall, there was severe damage to the Woolong Panda Reserve during the 2008 earthquake in China.  Since that time, much of the work and pandas themselves have been moved to the Bifengxia Panda Reserve.  Before the earthquake there were 28 giant pandas at Befeingxia and now there are at least 68. 

This June, there is an opportunity to hug a panda and volunteer at the Philip Hayden Foundation. Click June 27th Panda Tour for details.  It is a great tour  where you can celebrate the 4th of July by hugging a panda!   What a way to honor both heritages on that special day!


Also, coming this Fall is a tour that allows families to serve as volunteers at the Bifengxia Panda Reserve. Volunteers will assist in preparing food, cleaning cages for pandas and more.  Stay tuned for full details!

Vietnam Travel Tips  fishing life Vietnam

As your family is preparing for a heritage trip or just wants to have a discussion about different norms and customs between Vietnam and US, you can view a highlighted list of cultural differences.  Click      Vietnam Travel Preparation    

asian girl doing craftsGrant Program 

If your FCC/FCV group organizing a culture camp or educational endeavor?  Lotus Travel has a small grant program designed to support culturally important educational efforts for adoptive children.  To review program guidelines , click  Grant Program to read criteria and requirements or to submit an application for review and consideration.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing.  


 Please note:  Our privacy policy is that we never sell, share or distribute any client information in any event under any circumstances.