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December Touring
Tet Trung Thu
Long An Province
Order Moon Cakes from adoptive teens 
Support a good cause and order moon cakes at the same time!Click
Moon Cakes to see how to order yours. Proceeds benefit GIFT, a volunteer group focused on mentoring Asian-American young women.  GIFT
started from a desire for an older sister and stands for "Growing in Friendship Together". 

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Lotus Travel has just made it easier.  Click "Trip Saver" to read about "layaway" style option to assist you as you save for this great trip. 
Spring Break 2011 
to spend Spring Break in Vietnam?
If you like to travel from North to South and stay overnight on a junk, click
Tour 2 to view the schedule. Or create your  own itinerary. Contact Iris at [email protected] to get started! 

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Quang Ninh Singing Contest 
Vietnam and China are co-hosting a singing contest as a cultural exchange for country bordering provinces.  Click Singing Contest to read full article. 

                                    September  2010
Lea XuRoutine and schedules, September is known for that. School in Asia though is quite different from school in the US.  You can join my "Living in Two Cultures" group and join that discussion.  
Of course, it is also Mid-Autumn Festival-- a wonderful holiday for children.  Lanterns, moon cakes and getting to stay up late are high on my girls' lists of favorites:)!
Fall is a favorite time for me with cool weather and many China holidays such as Moon Festival and National Day.  Louie are I are looking forward our dream trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in early October and to even more celebrations with the Lotus Travel Anniversary in October, National Adoption Month in November and, of course, Christmas in December.  Celebrating lots of holidays is a plus of being an Asian-American family:)!
As we prepare to celebrate our 15th anniversary for Lotus Travel next month, will announce some special ways to celebrate.  In this issue we are unveiling a new "Trip Saver" Plan as a tool to assist families.  Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and your loved ones.
Lea  Xu 
Lotus Travel Inc.
"Tour Vietnam South to North" 
           Join us!!  December 2010
This is definitely a great tour for Winter 2010.  In this tour you will get to experience fishing and farm life tour in Hoi An,  as well as the sights and sounds of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 
There are plenty of kid friendly activities such as visiting a local school, a bike ride tour of Vinh Long and visiting a floating market.   You can c
lick Vietnam Tour 1B to read a full tour schedule.   
Or, if you prefer to build your own schedule, create a customized itinerary.  Come, stay,
and create great memories! Contact [email protected] to get started on your planning now.
Moon Festival 
This year it arrives on September 22nd.  Be ready with stories about the holiday that focuses on children and fun, the moon and sweets.  Click  Tet Trung Thu to read the about the tradition and legends behind Mid Autumn Festival  as described by Linh Song, Executive Director of  Mam Non, a non-profit organization.   And, remember you can order your own moon cakes  here: Moon Cakes
 Long An Province 
   A growth spot 
Adjacent to the edge of Ho Chi Minh city, Long An 
is undergoing rapid changes and development.  As
part of the Southern region, it is close enough
to visit if you wish to travel a bit "off path" in Vietnam.  Click Long An to read more details on this province positioned for growth.

Combined Vietnam & China Tours

Want to enjoy the beach and the Great Wall in one tour?  Great Wall with people and snowThen you could do that with a combined tour of both China and Vietnam.  Whether your family has both heritages or you wish to explore, we offer itineraries to suit the need. Click: Combo Tour to view child friendly itineraries and great Lotus features. Contact [email protected] for more information, or to get started.