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"Red Couch" Reunion Tour
Hunan Province Focus
Heritage Travel: Different Welcomes
FCC Austin chapter
Travel To Vietnam
Role Models
Money Tips & More 
yuan and computerGetting ready to travel?
Click Money & Practical Tips  for sound advice on preparing for international travel.
"Thanks for
  the Memories"
 Lotus Travel is creating a web page for adoptive families to be able to anonymously share a key memory of time at the White Swan.  For details click W.S. Memories to view or submit your story to to 
participate in this Lotus Travel exclusive. Each family will receive a small gift in recognition.

"From Home to Homeland" 

Looking for a book to prepare for a return 
trip?  Here is a Blue Dragon logojewel! It's a definitive book for China families as they prepare.
 Editors, Iris Chin Pointe, Deb Jacobs and Leslie Kwang have compiled a strong array of voices (adoptees, parents, and experts) to address a range of questions.  Click: From Home to Homeland to read more.

 Be in a beautiful place this winter 

Harbin Ice Festival is the most famous in the world.  See traditional ice sculpture combined with modern technology for spectacular sights. Click Harbin Ice Photos to see incredible photos.
  harbin with lights 
Plan your heritage tour this winter and take your own photos with us!  Click Harbin to see tour schedule or email to
get started!
Luggage & Practical Tips
Preparing for international Guangxi province mapor domestic travel this summer? Click 
Travel Considerations to read and prepare for your trip.
Cambodia Heritage Tours
Click here to review angkor wat and boygreat heritage tour options. Join us today!
Immunization & Health
health to read a review of health related suggestions for traveling

                                                         June 2010
Traveling... lea and family at birthday partyIt's something our family loves to do. And, of course we know that many of you do as well.  This issue is chock full of travel information as summer gets into full swing.
I trust you will find this newsletter useful with various culture articles, the FCC spotlight,  book highlight, and tour features. Whatever your plans and wherever we might see you, we wish you the best of times this Summer.  We'd love to see you in Guangzhou sometime.  Just let us know!  From everyone at Lotus Travel:  Relax, summer is here!
Lea  Xu 
Sales and Marketing Director
Lotus Travel Inc.
"Red Couch" Reunion Tourred couch classic 
          Make plans for Dec. 2010
For this tour, the White Swan and Lotus Travel are planning a special program to honor adoptive families. 
This chance to revisit China and allow yourself and your child to experience the "original" White Swan is limited.  Enjoy a customized itinerary and White Swan welcome for adoptive families.  The last evening includes a silent auction with unique items. Click Red Couch Reunion  to read the full tour schedule.   
Come, stay, and create great memories for you and your family and revisit the White Swan before its one year close and TOTAL renovation.  Space on this tour will be limited, so plan now.
Hunan province   Rich history 
This province has a claim to many well known historical figures and has played a key role in China's development. 
Click Hunan  to read a full summary of the highlights of Hunan, and know that Lotus Travel's own Louie Yi, spent his formative years in Changsha.
Hunan Winter Tour - Dec. 2010 
       Relax  with our "trip guide extraordinaire" from Hunan 
Join Louie Yi as he leads his first ever families Winter tour to the Hunan province (where he grew up)!  china winter
 Louie Yi, President of Lotus Travel will escort this group to visit his hometown-Changsha and has arranged a special time dedicated to Hunan families with the Changsha SWI.  
 Families with children from any Hunan city will enjoy this tour and special attention from our own consummate travel guide and see sites of: Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Changsha, and Guangzhou.  Click  Hunan Winter Tour 2010  to review full details and plan for a great winter break!
Heritage Trip Planning  
  Read a compelling account of distinctly different "welcomes" 
2 asian adolescent girls
One family -- more than one experience. Read an anonymous article entitled "A Rock and a Hard Place".
Whether visiting different locations in Asia;  domestic and foreign adoption; or other differing circumstances, there is insight from this excerpted chapter of the book "From Home to Homeland".  Click Differences to read more.
FCC Austin
Blue Dragon logo 
 Leader Spotlight 

In our ongoing effort to highlight different chapters around the country, newsletter editor, Iris Culp, spoke with FCC Austin president Becky Harding. 
This chapter has taken the challenge head on of a diverse interests and needs of families with a wide variety of kids of different ages.  Click Austin  to read how an active chapter is strategically approaching keeping kids' interests and meeting families' needs.
vietnam beachTravel to Vietnam
Is your family preparing for a return trip?  Would your family like to reconnect with Mrs. Thuy of the Claudia hotel?  Lotus Travel will arrange that or help with any other travel needs. Click Vietnam Tours to review tour schedules.  Or you may contact to get started on questions for your trip!    Also, click Vietnam Travel Tips  to get a refresher on some key travel pointers specific to Vietnam as you prepare.
Blue Dragon logoModeling:  Role Models... 
  Research tells the impact of positive role models  
That is what motivated adoptive parents Paul and Traci Wright to start a magazine focused on Asian adoptees.  In a recent interview Traci says, "No, it wasn't a strategic plan -- I came home one day after looking at a magazine and said to Paul, "Its too bad there isn't a magazine out there for our kids. And he said, 'Well, let's do one ourselves then!' "
Fortunately, her husband Paul had the right skills to back up that bold statement, since he was as an experienced creative designer. So, after getting positive feedback from FCC groups, they started producing the magazine from their home. Traci recounts, "It totally wasn't a business decision-- it was a heartfelt decision."  Click Mei magazine to see what this magazine -- created by a family for adoptive families -- offers. 
This an ideal opportunity for travel groups to reunite. Organizers will save by coordinating a group of 16 + adult travelers (12 yrs+).  Thisasian
will provide a complimentary in country accommodations for one traveler or a larger discount for your  whole group!! 
What an ideal opportunity for travel groups & FCC groups to get together!  This applies to any selected tour. Click Winter 2010 & Summer 2011 tours for a complete listing.