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An Extreme Connection
New Heritage Tours
Lunar New Year Card Contest
 Lucky money Envelopes 

CNY card
We are once again offering 
lucky money envelopes to FCV groups for their upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations. 
To request this resource for your chapter's event, email us at:
These are available on a first come, first served basis.

New Cambodia Tours

There are new leisure tours and family heritage tours in time for Winter 2009.  
 Angkor Wat
Click Cambodia Tour  for details. Contact for questions today! 
Resource  Links
   Want to get practical tips?  click here for Travel Tips
   Considering the best times for weather and travel? Click Vietnam Temperature Guide for details.
  Need a refresher on Social Customs in Vietnam? Click  to read.
  Come and visit our website anytime, as content updates often!
Educational Workshop
free for FCV chapters
  Does your  FCV or FCA group sponsor parent education? If you'd like to have a workshop on and practical preparation for a heritage
trip, then contact:
Click below to read  details on this valuable workshop offered with a minimum registration:  Heritage Trip Workshop.
Blue Dragon  Foundation 
Blue Dragon logo Click (here)  to read  about the work Lesley Bleakley is doing with Blue Dragon in our birth culture focus story.

Vietnam Spotlight 
October 2009
Lea Xu
We wanted to do a special letter for our Vietnam families this month. 
This newsletter features a single mom who has taken a leap to spend a year in Hanoi to improve  the lives of children at the Blue Dragon Foundation, while at the same time enriching her 6 year-old daughter's knowledge of her birth culture.  It's a fascinating story.   I think you'll also enjoy hearing about the Tallahassee chapter of Families with Children from Asia and the variety of activity their group has with their extremely supportive community.
Of course, we offer travel tips and news with our links; an opportunity for lucky money envelopes; and are pleased to announce our first ever Lunar New Year card drawing contest!   Enjoy this Fall --it's a beautiful time to relish and create wonderful family memories!
Lea Xu
Vice President
Lotus Travel: Uniting Families and Connecting Cultures
 Tallahassee FCC kidsAn Extreme Connection
Tallahassee Families with Children from Asia 
Did you see the May airing of the Extreme Home Makeover edition?  Then, you'll remember the Kadzis family and their compelling story.  Click Tallahassee to read more and learn about the support community that they are a part of and how this chapter grows with their kids and keeps vital community connections growing.  
Vietnam buildingNew Vietnam Tours 

Family Friendly Tours with new options 
We have new heritage tours open for Winter 2009.  Regular tour elements are: an overnight stay on a junk;  an eco-tour of a farm while learning to plant mint, coriander and herbs.
Of course, we specialize in coordinating any request to visit to your child's orphanage and province.  We've built some relaxation into the schedule with a couple of days at a beach resort.  In one tour you can strike a balance to soak in the culture, explore roots and to relax and have fun as a family.   vietnam beach colorful 
Three new tour schedules are:
Feel free to compare our services.  We pledge to provide a value added service for a matching price: Value Added.  Email today to get started on planning your trip! 
 CNY cardLunar New Year Card Contest
 Open to all kids ages 6-12! 
Please get your artistic skills ready!!  Lotus Travel is sponsoring a kids art contest for Lunar New Year cards!
We will publish the winners in our Lunar New year newsletter. That person will win a $200 travel heritage trip voucher certificate!   This is the year of the Tiger, so get those creative ideas  coming!   Submit to The contest begins now; final day for entry is January 15th. 
Lotus Travel:
"Uniting Families and Connecting Cultures" 
5990 158th Ave SE
Bellevue, Washington 98006
Birth Culture Focus:  lesley bleakley and hwa in sand
Mom and daughter spending a year in Hanoi 
Have you ever considered moving to Vietnam and getting immersed in your child's birth culture?  Click (Here) for an account of a single mom and 6 year old daughter who have done that and work with Hanoi's disadvantaged youth.  
Save $50
on Heritage Tours now.
Plan your trip of a lifetime! 
October is the anniversary month of Lotus Travel!  To celebrate this and the upcoming Adoption Month in November, we are offering $50 off per person for families booking a 2009/10 homeland tour.
Lotus offers flexible, family friendly tour schedules. We specialize in small specialized tours. 

                                                                                                   Offer Expires: November 30, 2009