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China's National Day
Mid Autumn Festival
Guilin Extended Stay
Extreme Connections
Winter Tours Interview
Winter Tours 2009
Would your family like to spend Christmas in  China this year?  
Great Wall in winter
We have space on tours leaving Dec. 19, 2009.  Contact [email protected] for details or 
click here: to review the full itinerary.
Ethiopian  Airfare
Is your family or a friend adopting from Ethiopia?   
Lotus now offers many reasonable airfares to Addis Ababa via our consolidator partner, Northwest Airlines. Click (here) to see flight  schedule details.   
Contact an agent at
[email protected] to get started!
"Lucky Money"
We are once again offering complimentary lucky money envelopes to FCC and FCV groups for their upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations. 
To request this resource for your chapter's event, email us at [email protected]. 
Come see us on October 10th  in Colorado!!
A Lotus Travel representative will be at the  "Journey of Asian Adoption: Building a Multicultural Family" conference in Denver Colorado on October 10th. If you would like to attend and haven't registered, there is still time.  Click here for Conference details
Stop by our booth and say hello. We'd love to visit and see you!
Living in Two Cultures yahoo group is open.
If you like to hear insights of what it is like to live in two cultures, join Lea Xu. Click here  to  join the discussion and learn more about living in  China. 

National Day Stickers for Cars 

national car day stickers
National Day in China is so big  this year, that Beijing cars get their own special gift!
During this past month, almost 100,000 "National Day vehicle stickers" have been distributed to Beijing drivers for free. The campaign is designed to promote National Day as well as safe driving habits.
In its center, it has a five-star red flag blowing in the wind and reads "I am advancing along with my motherland" encircled by flying white doves.  
(Source: CCTV)
"Uncle Louie" offers China
Travel Advice 
Louie Yi, our travel itinerary guru has more than twenty years of experience in the field of travel. Click     Louie's Travel Tips  to read his "take" on "must see" spots; jet lag; safety tips; travel money;  shopping and more for China travelers.
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14th Anniversary Edition
Heritage Connections
October 2009

Welcome to this special early edition of our October Lea Xunewsletter.  We wanted it to be in your mailboxes on October 1st, China's National Day.  P.R. China is celebrating its 60th  birthday in a huge way and we are pleased to be in Guangzhou, where there will be fun fireworks celebrations tonight. (Yes, girls get to stay up too, since school is out and we have a "Golden Week" to celebrate:)!

I and my husband, Louie Yi, founder and president of Lotus Travel, also have celebrations this month.  It was 14 years ago this month that Lotus Travel opened its doors in Tacoma, Washington. We are so pleased to have been a part of the adoptive family community for 14 years.
It has been rewarding  to work with families for adoptions, whether one or more, and stay connected since then, as we help children return  and find their roots with birth country visits.
We extend our best wishes to you this October month, with many happy celebrations -- National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and Lotus' 14th anniversary.  I trust your family will enjoy the many celebrations along with us!   
Lea Xu
Lotus Travel
China's National Day
60th Anniversary of PRC is a huge event.
 national day fireworks
Beijing Airport will be shut down; an estimated 200,000 citizens will participate in the Tiananmen Square parade.  Spectacular fireworks from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. It's a huge birthday party for the People's Republic of China. 
Click National Day to read why this party is so big; hear about the festivities all around the country.  You can also click through the photo link and view  photos of preparations taking place all around the country. 
Mid Autumn Moon Festival
Celebrate October 3rd 
mid autumn 
This is a great holiday, with plenty for kids and adults to enjoy.  Kids often relish the fun of being out late and enjoying the beauty of the harvest moon and hearing the different legends and history of this important holiday.    
Click Mid-Autumn Moon Festival for the full story. As a bonus, our editor, Kimberlie Meyer shares an easy moon cake recipe that her family enjoys!  Click Easy Moon Cakes to check out the recipe. (Kimberlie admits to using strawberry jelly instead of red bean paste.  Hey-- it's more kid friendly:)!
Guilin Extended Stay

Introductory Price:Guilin apt$900-$1300/month
Would you like to live in an apartment in China for a month?  
Get connected to daily life in China; we'll handle the logistics. You can live among local residents, and allow your children to play and practice their Mandarin skills.  We can arrange as much or as little touring as you like.
Enjoy beautiful nearby Li River cruise, or Yangshuo evening "light show" choreographed by Zhang YiMou who designed Olympics opening ceremonies. Sign up your children to participate in calligraphy, kung fu, gymnastics classes, etc.
The apartment has on-site laundry service and hotel amenities, such as free internet access, television, microwave, refrigerator, safety box and more.  Introductory offer includes prepared lunch and dinner meals daily.
Click Guilin Extended Stay for details. You may reach us at 1-800-956-8873 or at [email protected] .
Tallahassee FCC kidsExtreme

In Tallahassee, the
Families with Asian Children group   forge and maintain strong bonds as their children mature. 
Did you see the May airing of the Extreme Home Makeover edition?  Then, you'll remember the Kadzis family and their compelling story.  Click Tallahassee to read more and learn about the support community that they are a part of and how this chapter grows with their kids and keeps vital community connections growing.  
Wintertime in China 
Offers many plusses for homeland trip
Louie Yi, Lotus Travel President and expedition specialist shares with editor Kimberlie Meyer, about features of travelling during Winter Break. 
You'll learn why winter is a budget friendly time; how to navigate the season; why it is a great time to avoid the travel crowds and see more of China with less hassle.  
Click Wintertime Touring here to read the excerpt.
H1N1 Virus and Travel -- How to Plan? 

There has been worldwide concern and attention focused on this year's annual flu season. Is it realistic to plan travel with these concerns circling?  Of course, good hygiene is essential.  What other steps can be taken for planning? 
For travelling families, an option that we've always recommended is basic travel insurance which provides trip interruption or cancellations policies.  These policies have covered situations that were defined with medical conditions, and the like of "catastrophic" coverage while travelling.
There is now a "Cancel for any Reason" rider that may be purchased and attached to any basic policy.   It is protection against the unexpected, whatever it may be,  While this insurance can't prevent an illness, it does protect your trip finances. That extra peace of mind can help when planning that "once in a lifetime" trip.
Save $50
October is the 14th anniversary of Lotus Travel!  To celebrate, we are offering $50 off per person for families who book a 2010 homeland tour now.
Click  Homeland Tours to check out our family friendly tour schedules and pick one today! 
Offer Expires:  November 30, 2009 
 (Extended stay promotions and 2010 Uncle Louie tour excluded).