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August  2009

Red Heart

"Valentine's Day"  in China
 Click here to read the legend of the seventh day of the seventh month. There are no chocolates involved, but is a story of honoring undying love.
University Research: Homeland Trips
Dr. Cheatham-Carpenter, Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Northern Iowa, is doing research on the topic of homeland tours. She is studying the impacts of such trips on families and children.
If your family has returned, please consider taking 10-15 minutes to complete an online anonymous survey.
(here)  for survey details.
Lotus supports and appreciates this important research being conducted by one our families. 

"Cancel for Any Reason" travel insurance policy

During this past summer's concerns over the H1N1 virus we had a high volume of calls regarding travel insurance choices.  For anyone planning a trip, it's good to know there is a "Cancel for Any Reason" option. 
Terracotta Warrior
Relax -- you CAN plan that trip you've always wanted!
Lea's "Living in Two Cultures" Yahoo group
If you would like to know more about the differences, similiarties and challenges of living in North America and living in  China, join Lea
and be a part of this dynamic and informative message group!
Click below to: 
"Off Path Touring"  seminar -- Colorado Heritage Camp!
If you are attending you can choose from two Lotus seminars.  "Homeland Journey Preparation" is focused for first time returning families. " Off Path" touring for the "Seasoned  Traveler" is geared for families wanting to dig a bit deeper into "off path" areas and everyday life in China.  
Lotus is again glad to be a proud sponsor of CHC's "More Than Me" program for middle schoolers.
Hope to see you there! 
The focus of this charitable effort is to provide support and training to children who  have not found their forever families and are "aging out". These children often have minmal skills or preparation. 
Childvision is committed to providing quality education and job and life skills training that will allow these children the opportunity they need and deserve.To learn more, click here.
Contact Lotus
5990 158th Ave SE

Bellevue, Washington 98006

9:00AM-6:00PM PST
Lotus Connections 
August 2009

Lea guilin 1Our family has been enjoying some time in the US for the past several weeks and taking advantage of the cooler temperatures to experience some camping in the beautiful mountains around Seattle.  It has been a great summer for Louie and me as we've helped families plan homeland trips.  
We are now focusing on our winter tours in China and Vietnam. For China families, the winter offers the absolute best prices of the  year.  Our Vietnam families have ideal travel weather at this time.
As you  may recall, Louie Yi, my husband led a special "Uncle Louie" tour this June. He had such  great fun with and had special memories on his 15th anniversary of immigrating to the US, (Click here to view letter) which he shared during the trip. He has decided to make it a yearly event and for next year has decided to lead our Chinese Cuisine tour, which will be a delight for him, since he loves to put on a chef hat and cook each night for us:)!  
This summer season of travel was busy and unpredictable wth the concerns of H1N1 flu. Fortunately, in many cases, Louie was able to work out arrangements with SWI directors, to meet those families off site and still make a strong connection and a positive visit. The unpredictability of this summer's travel also lead to a new travel insurance product, which allows one to "cancel for any reason".  So, we are pleased to offer that and provide some peace of mind in the planning process.   
There is an Asian proverb which says: "A person without a smiling face should not open a shop".  Louie and I have had many smiles throughout the years.   We share with adoptive families the goal for our children of a bright and strong future.We try to balance work and family and give our children what we think each needs -- a ton of of love, some laughter  along with positive childhood memories.  These things plus a strong education allows them to step confidently into the  future. We wish your family well. 
Best to you,
Lea Xu
Vice-President &
Sales & Marketing Director
Lotus Travel Inc.
Vietnam: Homeland Tours
Vietam Mekong Delta rice paddy 
There are a number of children adopted from Vietnam, some of whom are now grown adults and would like to make a homeland trip. 
Winter and early Spring are the best times of year for this memorable trip. November and December as well as March and April are typically best for travel.  Click here to read more on visiting Vietnam.
Regardless of when a family wants to return to Vietnam for a visit, Lotus Travel has experience and offers a variety of choices; we specialize in flexible, custom arrangements and understand the needs of adoptive families. 
Vietnam scene
 Click (here) to view a standard homeland tour schedule. Or, you can contact [email protected] to request a specialized, affordable itinerary. 
We offer our "Value Added" Service Pledge.  You may compare and save.  Get your planning for a special trip underway now, so you can be in Vietnam for the nice weather!
Winter Break 2009 Great Wall in winter
Best Travel Rates for China
 Enjoy China this winter holiday. We have designed two special trips that take advantage of low season travel rates. Prices start at: $1399 per adult.
Our "Language and Volunteer"  trip (click for tour details)  begins on Dec. 26.  It offers an excursion into regular Chinese family life, and a chance to learn Mandarin. This tour also schedules volunteer time at an orphanage and allows you to visit key sites in Shanghai, and a stroll down memory lane in Guangzhou. 
Or, enjoy the holiday in China, departing Dec.19th.(click for tour details)  Enjoy a complete heritage tour visting the sites in Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Yangshuo and Guangzhou.  Either way, this holiday break will have wonderful memories.  
You may contact [email protected] today to get started!


Planning a 2010 Heritage Trip?
A One Year Countdown
canal apartments People often ask us how far  in advance should a family plan for their  homeland heritage trip.  While it is possible to plan in six months (sometimes less) it is ideal to allow approximately 12 months to plan out this trip of a lifetime. 
(Click here) to read article that provides a step by step guide to beginning that dream journey. 
"Uncle Louie" Tour Highlights
Memories Made
Uncle Louie tour
In what has become a fun tradition, Lotus Travel President and co-owner organized a trip for families from across the US.  It was a memorable trip and a few travelers have shared some comments: 
"We appreciate Louie's careful attention to all aspects of the trip for the sake of the children, as well as his flexibility.  At no point did we feel rushed along the way, and I appreciate how well he understands the importance of this experience for the children.  From riding a zipline across the Li River - which we asked to have time to do when we saw it - to sharing personal insights and experiences, we felt the trip was personalized for the interests and needs of our group."

Click (here) to see more. You'll see Louie with hair and without --  you can respond and let us know which one you think looks best:)! 
Watch out for the photos of when Louie decided to cut his honorary cake slices with a meat cleaver -- yikes! 
 New Housing option: "Extended Stay" in Guilin Guilin scenery
Have you ever talked of staying in China for longer than two weeks? If you could arrange the time, but didn't know where to start on the rest, we can help! 
Lotus unveils an "Extended Stay" in Guilin, one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Stay a month if you like.  We'll arrange where to stay, how to connect and more. We can arrange touring; or if you prefer you can just live among the locals. Click (here) to see photos and details about this great option. .
Time slots are currently available for:  November, December, January, March, April , May, June, July, August and September.  Introductory rates available to first 20 families who book. Click (here)  to view apartment photos. Contact us at [email protected] to get started.    

You arrange the time;  we can arrange everything else! 
Introductory rate applies to first 20 families who book this housing choice.  
    Prices start as low as $900/month during low season!