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Love Without Boundaries has a chance to be featured in reality TV.  "Imagine This!" is a new show and is looking for worthwhile projects.  LWB needs our votes to be part of a featured episode.  The episode would focus on the need for a Cleft Healing Home. You can register on the site and post a comment of support for the  LWB's episode. It will help to get this project highlighted,
so that another one Cleft healing home can be built.  Click here for details; LWB

Yahoo Group
Want to join a discussion about the experience of living in North America and China?  Join  Lea and others who are in this place.  Drop in on the "Living in Two Cultures" yahoo group and participate!
 New Hubei
"Off Path"
HuangGang Families
Join Lotus and be there for opening ceremony activities at the new orphanage, followed by a visit at the original building.  We are pleased to offer HuangGang Reunion tours for November 2009 -- plan it now!
Choose from 3 options:     
Plan to have a special Thanksgiving Day 2009! 

Asian Inventions

Calligraphy holds a unique spot of blending practical language skills and art.   (Click here) for  details on this lasting cultural contribution.  
 Heritage Connections
June                                                                              2009
 Lea Xu
The world of travel and international adoption is  dynamic and exciting.  Whether we are helping with last minute travel requests, concerns on travel and the H1N1 flu, or changes in visa rules,  we work hard to stay abreast to guide our families in the best way. We feel it's a privilege to work within the adoptive community.  
Earlier this year, my family (Louie, I and our 2,4 and 6 year old girls) spent some family vacation time in Hubei province.  We enjoyed many wonderful cultural spots, including a cruise on the Yangtze River. Hubei is a province rich in cultural opportunities  and has many fun activities for families to enjoy together and explore.  You can look forward to some wonderful new homeland  tour options for Fall/Winter 2009 that came from our trip, including a fun "home stay" option.      
With summertime upon us, many of you are already into family vacation or may be finalizing trip plans. Whether you're planning a "staycation" this year or a big excursion like a homeland trip (with Lotus of course:!), we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to check out the Lotus "Value Added Service" promise below and our status as a selected tour organizer for the official HuangGang Reunion tours, which will include opening ceremonies for the new SWI this November. 
 Also, if you'd like to peek in a bit on our family vacation to Hubei province, feel free to join my yahoo group to get the details and see pictures. Regardless of what your summer plans include, I trust you will create some wonderful family memories! 
Lea Xu
Vice President
Sales and Marketing Director
Hubei Province Highlight
Hubei province has one of the richest histories in all of China. It is considered to be the "cradle" of ancient Chinese civilization.  If you'd like to know more details  follow this link:  Hubei
Panda CornerPanda Corner
For all you panda lovers out there-- the watched for pregnancy has turned out to be a psuedo pregnancy again this time. Check out this update from Washington DC Zoo and learn how to view the 24 hour "panda cam".  Click here 

"Off the Path" China Tours -- Hubei Province 

When you take your homeland trip, do you want to veer "off the path" a bit, once you've taken in the Great Wall and your key sites? 
Or, have you returned already and this next time would like to get more in depth, maybe stay in the home of middle class Chinese family or spend some time learning a bit of the language with your kids?  Or, maybe even spend some time volunteering at an orphanage?
Then, listen in  as Louie discusses some new tours..... click here
China Adoption Research
Dr. Tony Tan, respected researcher in the adoptive and education field shares recent research findings, which he has in the past used to inform CCAA officials.  He also recently shared the possiblity of a future project to create a DNA database of adoptive children from China.  Read more here in his full newsletter of his work conducted from the University of South Florida,  (Click here)

Swine Flu Concerns Abate

For a time, expedited visa processing for China was suspended due to flu concerns.  We are pleased to report that China's expedited visa processing has resumed. The declaration form required previously is also no longer required. All this means easier, smoother visa processing times. Details are available at:
Additionally, now there is a new Travel Insurance protection plan which allows for cancellation for any reason.  it is called the "Cancel for Any Reason" Pak. Information is available here:


Value Added Service Promise

Tell us your desired itinerary and we promise that Lotus Travel will have the best value for that itinerary.  Check with us first or last.  Our value added service promise stands. Lotus homeland tours will provide more services in  for the same or better price.
Click here to send your desired itinerary destinations or priced itinerary from any competitor.
We will return a general price quote within two business days.  Our commitment is that our itinerary will have the best value among homeland tour companies.   (This does not apply to tour companies subsidized by the Chinese government.)