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Beijing Opening Ceremony
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MidAutumn Moon Festival
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Panda Corner
The Chengdu Panda Research and Breeding Center has experienced a mini-baby boom in late July and early August.  Beginning on July 26, 2008, four baby panda's were born at the research center  in a 14 hour period.  This is the first time that so many babies were born in such a short period of time. On Saturday evening, July 26, nine-year old QiYuan ("Magic Luck") gave birth to the twin female babies.  Later Saturday evening, eight-year old Chenggong ("Success) gave birth to male cub.  Then early Sunday morning, July 27, 2008  ZhuZhu ("Pearl"), an eight-year old, gave birth another male cub. 
On August 9, 2008, another set of twins, male, were born to QiZhen.  They were named BeiBei and HuanHuan after two of the Beijing Olympic mascots. A total of eight baby panda cubs were born during July and early August.  
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Heritage Connections

Lea Xu 
As summer comes to a close and fall is just around the corner, we hope to inspire you with some of the topics in our September newsletter.  Among them we highlight Hunan province, offer insights to the cultural significance in elements of the Beijing Olympics Opening ceremony, and provide tips for preparing for a return orphanage visit.  We are very thankful for your support and value your ideas and questions. Please continue to send us your thoughts as we make our newsletter an informative piece with engaging articles, exciting travel tips, and interesting facts.

Lea Xu
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 One World, One Dream, One Big Show
by David Long
What a great show China put on for the world! People have used the words "Amazing, Incredible, Stunning" to describe the show.   The Opening Ceremony was an opportunity to showcase to the world aspects of China that many may otherwise not have seen.   The technological accomplishments were noteworthy, however, the beauty, discipline and richness of the culture was uniquely evident during the most expensive and elaborate Opening Ceremony in the history of the Olympics.  
HunanUniversity Hunan Province
Breathtaking Beauty in an Exotic Land
by Kimberlie Meyer
Hunan has been a birthplace for a number of Chinese adopted children, and is also a significant province culturally and politically within China.  
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 Orphanage Visits - 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions
 by Iris Culp
Thinking of returning to visit your child's orphanage during your Homeland Heritage Tour?  Click here to read our FAQ to help prepare yourself and your child for this exciting time.
Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is Multicultural Asian Celebration 
by Linh Nguyen

In China, Vietnam and throughout many Asian countries, people celebrate the Harvest moon on the 15th day of the eight month of the lunar calendar. In Hong Kong, Malaysia and Sinapore, it is sometimes called the Lantern Festival. This holiday is celebrated throughout Asia, and in Vietnam is called Tet Trung Thu (tet-troong-thoo). This is the second most popular holiday celebrated by the Vietnamese next to Tet (Vietnamese New Year) and has been a tradition for the past fifteen thousand years. In China it is called, Zhong Qiu Jie and for both countries is a day of family reunions, much like a Western Thanksgiving. When the Mid-Autumn festival approaches the markets fill with thousands of moon cakes to be purchased for celebrations. Click here to read more...

 Dana and Josie's Excellent Adventure as they Travel Back to Vietnam 
Josie was born in Vietnam 8 years ago. She and her mom, Dana, along with two other families traveled back to Vietnam this summer, supported by Lotus Travel expert trip planners.  Dana and Josie share their personal experience in a blog they have posted while on their trip.  Please click on the link below to access their day-to-day adventure through the hot and humid weather, crazy traffic and amazing new experiences.  This was their first family trip back and it is an fascinating peak at their journey. Read Josie and Dana's Excellent Adventure at
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