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Kung Fu Panda
Earthquake Relief
Pandas Relocated After Earthquake
Five pandas from the Wolong Panda Reserve, in the  earthquake-stricken Sichun Province, are now settled in the Guangzhou Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park. They are adjusting well to the new environment and are already meeting visitors. They are being very well taken care of in Chimelong. To visit these special pandas please take advantage of the Safari Park Tour package that is part of our Guangzhou Recreational Tours.

Giant Panda Eating Bamboo

Beijing Olympics 2008
The Beijing Olympics are fast approaching and with it the excitement is building.  The perennial favorite sports for Americans are track and field, swimming, gymnastics, and basketball.  , Have you ever wondered  what sports the people of China like to watch?  Who are their Olympic heroes?  Lea Xu, Lotus Travel's Sales and Marketing Director, whose family lives in China currently, says that the sports most popular are diving, soccer (referred to as football in China and most of the world), gymnastics, volleyball and basketball.  Particularly important Chinese Olympics sports heroes are NBA star Yao Ming, who plays basketball for his home country during the Olympics, and Liu Xiang, the reigning World Champion in the 110 meter hurdles 

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Upcoming Events
Coming to a town near you, representatives of Lotus Travel will be sharing their knowledge and experiences at various events.  Come join us and get to know our staff better. 

July 19th - Indianapolis, Indiana  FTIA Reunion event.  
August 1st - Portland, Oregon, Yangchun reunion group.   
August 7-10 - Colorado Vietnam Heritage Camp.   
August 29- September 1 - Colorado Chinese Heritage Camp.  
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Lotus Connections  July 2008

Welcome to our July newsletter made specifically for adoptive parents or future adoptive parents of Asia's children. We are very thankful for your support and value your ideas and questions. Please continue to send us your thoughts as we make our newsletter the piece of information adoptive families read for informative articles, exciting travel tips and interesting facts.

Lea Xu
Director of Sales and Marketing 
Kung Fu Panda!  by David Long with Kimberlie Meyer
Kung Fu Panda opened with resounding success in the US and China.  In the US, the film grossed $60.2 million on its opening weekend. On its opening day in Shanghai, tickets sales reached 1 million Yuan.  The movie is not just another invention of Hollywood but many aspects of the movie represent important facets of Chinese daily life and culture. Director John Stevenson said that using Chinese kung fu and the panda in his movie  is his tribute to China and her culture. (China Daily, June 25, 2008). The main character, Po, is a giant panda that works in his adoptive father's noodle shop.  His dream is to become a kung fu master.  Besides, pandas and kung fu, other examples of important facets of Chinese culture are: noodles, firecrackers, and acupuncture to name a few. 
Click here to read more about the cultural influences in the movie.
East Meets West - Responses to the Sichuan Earthquake by Summer Xia with Kimberlie Meyer
Sometimes in the midst of the greatest tragedies are the greatest examples of humanity. Whether watching the events unfold while in China, or from a distance of thousands of miles away, the images provoked a profound grief.  Grief often times provokes a desire to help in the ways that available to them at the time.  Read here the stories of a compassionate policewoman in Jiangyou County, and others who reached out in China and North America.

Great Wall Beijing Provincial Reunion Tours
Travel back to China to trace the steps of your adoption trip and see additional historic landmarks as you experience the land of your child's birth. Experience first hand the awesome wonders of the Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Warriors, and the joy of holding a baby giant panda. 
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Guangzhou Recreational TourWhite Tigers

Safari Park Package: One-day tour in Xiangjiang Safari Park
Recommended Itinerary: Guangzhou/Xiangjiang Safari Park/Guangzhou
Visiting Guangzhou for your adoption trip or as part of your homeland tour?  Add this exciting excursion to your itinerary.  For details and pricing visit our website by clicking here!

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