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From the President: Leadership as Biblical Imperative
Claiming the Episcopal Future: September 27-29
Iona Pilgrimage Begins
Our Students Speak
Bexley and Trinity Days 2012
Praying Shapes Believing with Bishop Griswold
Birth of an Empire with Professor John Dally
Tracking Down the Holy Ghost with Bishop Griswold
For the Healing of the Nations: An Advent Retreat
Alum News to Share?
From the President
Leadership as Biblical Imperativepresident

By the time you read this, the Chicago teachers' strike might be over. But it might not, and the way in which these events have unfolded gives pause to educators everywhere, especially those of us whose job it is to help shape faithful leaders. It was heartening to see so many local churches step up to offer programs for children (and harried working parents) who had no place else to turn. Less heartening was the confrontational rhetoric from leaders on both sides that almost immediately turned vicious and personal. All this in the midst of a national election where personality trumps fact, and where personal attack based on race or religion takes precedence over reasoned argument when push comes, as it does almost inevitably, to shove.


At the end of the month, I will be joining my colleagues Bob Bottoms, Ruth Frey, Diana Butler Bass and Bill Sachs in Ponte Vedra, Florida, for a conference on leadership, to be held at Christ Church, whose rector, Rick Westbury, is a Seabury graduate. You will see a full description of the program elsewhere in this e-newsletter. Although the program title focuses on leadership in the Episcopal Church, we are talking about more than church, especially in this election season. Unease about what it means to be a leader, and dissatisfaction with the divisive models we are being presented in the public square (and too often in the church), cut across denominational lines. Leadership is not a Biblical word. But as I hope to explain in Ponte Vedra, leadership is nevertheless a Biblical imperative. In this time of polarized politics too often founded on polarized readings of Scripture, part of our challenge as Episcopalians is to reclaim the Bible-and our own heritage as Anglican Christians-as both source and mandate for generous and compassionate leadership in our churches, our schools, our neighborhoods and our nation.


Read the entire article on the Seabury website or the Bexley Hall website and learn more about President Ferlo and his call to serve Bexley and Seabury.
Claiming the Episcopal Future
Practical Leadership Skills for Ministry, September 27-29 leadership 

From Thursday, September 27 until Saturday, September 29 at Christ Episcopal Church in Ponte Vedra, Florida, Bexley and Seabury will hold an innovative conference for leaders who want to sharpen their skills to lead the Episcopal Church in today's world.

On Thursday evening, in the conference's opening session, Chabraja Fellow Diana Butler Bass will talk about the ways in which the challenges facing religious institutions are directly related to today's cultural transformation. Together with Bass, participants will unpack the meaning behind the statistics of decline and consider insights about how the current environment provides new and vital ways to respond to the message of Jesus.

On Friday
morning, Senior Chabraja Fellow Robert Bottoms will talk about what the church can learn from the Harvard Business Review. "Cutting edge leadership studies at the nation's business schools offer much to both lay and ordained leaders in the church," says Bottoms.  His interactive session will draw from "B-School" curricula to help participants identify their own leadership strengths and apply them to bring about change in institutions.

The future o
f Episcopal leadership lies in our church's history, according to Chabraja Fellow Bill Sachs. "But hanging on to the bygone era of institutional confidence or looking to ancient Christian history alone will not take us where we need to go," he says. On Friday evening, Sachs will speak about rediscovering Anglicanism's legacy of mission and ministry to all people and how we can reclaim it to serve God's mission today. 

Claiming the Episcopal Future will culminate on Sunday morning with "The Business of Scripture," a session with Bexley Seabury Federation President Roger Ferlo. "Leadership is not a Biblical word. It is, however, a Biblical imperative," says Ferlo. "At the core of our identity as Episcopalians is a reverence for Scripture. In this time of polarized politics founded on polarized readings of Scripture, how can we as Episcopalians reclaim the Bible as a source and mandate for generous and compassionate leadership for our communities and in our churches?"

There is still time to be a part of Claiming the Episcopal FutureThe cost is $100/person or $75/person for two or more people from the same congregation. Register online and talk with Ruth Frey via email with questions. 

Iona Pilgrimage Begins

Earlier today, a group of Bexley and Seabury leaders and friends arrived in Glasgow, Scotland for a 10-day pilgrimage to Iona Abbey, a renowned pilgrimage site in Scotland's Inner Hebrides founded by St. Columba in the sixth century.  


While on Iona, the group will be led by John Philip Newell, a poet, scholar, and former warden of the Abbey. Learn more about the pilgrimage and its rhythm of prayer, teaching and meditation.


Please pray for our pilgrims and watch the Seabury Facebook page and Bexley Facebook page for updates on their journey.



Our Students Speak 

What's Exciting about Bexley and Seabury  speak


Alums and students at Bexley and Seabury talk about why it's exciting to study at the schools and what's been most valuable to them.


Bexley and Seabury:  Students and Alums Speak


Bexley and Trinity Days 2012   

Theologian James Cone on September 27   Days


Join us on September 25-27 for Bexley and Trinity days, Bexley Hall's annual community gathering and continuing education series.


September 25:  Tuesday evening provides an opportunity to get to know each other, gather for evening worship and talk with Roger Ferlo, president of Bexley Hall and Seabury Western Theological Seminary, and Tom Ferguson, dean of Bexley Hall.

September 26:  Embracing the Other:  An Interactive Conference and Retreat

Join Christopher D. Hofer, rector of the Church of St. Jude in Wantagh, New York, for a day of workshop sessions, worship and free time. The day concludes with a festive dinner and a presentation by President Roger Ferlo. Learn more and register online for the retreat and dinner.


September 27:  Trinity Days   


Professor James H. Cone, the founder of black liberation theology, will deliver two lectures for Trinity Day:  "A Reflection on the Writing of The Cross and the Lynching Tree" and "'Let Justice Roll': A Reflection on the Life and Ministry of Martin Luther King Jr."  


Professor Cone is the Charles A. Briggs Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology at Union Theological Seminary. He is the author of Black Theology & Black Power, A Black Theology of Liberation, God of the Oppressed, and Martin & Malcolm & America: A Dream or a Nightmare?. His most recent book is titled The Cross and the Lynching Tree; it received the 2012 Nautilus Silver Award in Religion/Spirituality-Western Traditions.

Learn more and register online for the James Cone lectures.

Praying Shapes Believing

Bishop Griswold's Course Open for Lifelong LearningGriswold


Bishop Griswold _small Laypeople and clergy are invited to join Bishop Frank Griswold at Seabury to explore Anglican spirituality and the rhythm of our worship. Praying Shapes Believing will include reading and reflection with a community of students led by Bishop Griswold, former Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, and the Rev. Dr. Donna Ialongo.


The course, open to anyone, draws on Griswold's book, Praying Our Days. Learn more and register online to take the course for enrichment by October 5. 


Questions? Please email Peggy Pearson.

Birth of an Empire

The Lukan Advent and Christmas in Chicago or Cleveland Dally


John Dally Join Professor John Dally for an experiential workshop in Chicago or Cleveland that will introduce clergy, musicians and laypeople to Advent and Christmas in Lectionary Year C. What is constant, and what is particular to this year? How do the themes in Luke's Gospel speak to our parishes, our local communities, our nation and the world?


Participants will gain a deeper theological understanding of the shape of the Lukan Advent/Christmas season that will help inform choices for preaching, music, liturgy and adult education and enrich the entire congregation's celebration of the birth of the Christ. Learn more


Cleveland:  Friday, October 19, 6:30 to 8:30 pm and Saturday, October 20, 9 am to 2:30 pm at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Cleveland Heights. Please plan to participate on both days. Register online


Chicago:  Friday, October 26, 6:30 to 8:30 pm and Saturday, October 27, 9 am to 2:30 pm at Seabury. Please plan to participate on both days. Register online


Fee:  $40 per person. Lunch on Saturday is available for $10.


Questions? Please email Ruth Frey.
Tracking Down the Holy Ghost
An evening with Bishop Griswold on November 9 Ghost
Flannery O'Connor described the task of a serious writer as "tracking down the Holy Ghost." During this evening at Seabury with Bishop Frank Griswold, we will consider how it also describes the life of a serious seeker or person of faith. Together we will explore some of the classical ways and practices by which we can attune our hearts and minds to engage in this pursuit and draw on the wisdom and experience of some of the men and women who have gone ahead of us.

Date: Friday, November 9, 7 to 8:30 pm

While there is no fee for the program, registration is required. Register online. Questions? Please email Ruth Frey.

Listen to Bishop Griswold reflect on helping people "access the mystery in their own lives:"


For the Healing of Nations: An Advent Retreat

December 9-12 in Indianapolis retreat


Clergy, spouses and partners, and lay church professionals in the Diocese of Indianapolis are invited to explore Christ's incarnation through music, art, and prayer and the lens of the seven "O Antiphons" with the Rev. Dr. Elise Feyerherm.  


Dr. Feyerherm is director of Anglican formation & assistant professor of church history and christian spirituality at Bexley Hall Seminary and director for Ecumenical Relations of the Advent Project Seminar in the North American Academy of Liturgy.


This three-day retreat will be held December 9-12, 2012 at Waycross Camp & Conference Center in Morgantown, Indiana. Learn more

Alumni News
Do you have news to share with your fellow Bexley and Seabury alums? Email Debbie Franz at Bexley or Ron Fox at Seabury.
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