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    October 2011 Newsletter
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Discount Ski Tickets/Rentals


Xmas Available! 


The New CB Film Festival


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Discount Ski Tickets in Your Condo &
Discount Ski Rentals at the Base

Discount Ski Tickets & Discount Ski Rentals 


ski tickets Ski Tickets: Soooo worth it and 15-25% off the window price. Ready to get them ordered! They will be in your condo or townhome or house when you arrive! Call Lucinda to help with purchasing! Her phone is: 954-304-5460 and her email is: [email protected].  Just call or email Lucinda and she will send you the appropriate price sheet. Please see our site for instructions. 


Eflin Sports in Crested Butte 
Eflin Sports in Crested Butte

Ski Rentals: Peak Sports, run by CB's Eflin family, is right at the base and is supplying our discount ski rentals. See regular pricing.They give 20% off this regular pricing if you use THEIR ONLINE RENTAL FORM.  Once you've filled in their form, call to make sure all is well. Please see our site for instructions. Their phone is: 970-349-6121 . Once again, Lucinda can help. Watch the movie to see their location!

Xmas Availability- Oh My!
Lots of Xmas Week Availability - Oh My!

santa skis Planning on coming up for New Years or Xmas? We still have quite a bit of availability left in condos, townhomes and houses. So call! My phone is 954-610-2000. Robin!


 The New Film Festival in Crested Butte!

The New Film Festival in Crested Butte - Creative, Well Done!

virgin alexander This was the inaugural year of the new Crested Butte Film Festival! The new format includedeverything from kids' movies, to documentaries to feature films- a total of 56 films, which ran in various locations in CB from Sept. 29-Oct. 2. 

One of the films I would have loved to see was "Virgin Alexander", about a young man trying to save his home during this financial crisis and pay his turning his home into a brothel. Yes it is a comedy. 

If you dream of enjoying CB in fall (it is gorgeous) and love film, then put this on your calendar for next year. The makers of Virgin Alexander were there on hand to speak with viewers, as well as 15 other filmmakers. Too fun.


 Newsletter Archives

Newsletter Archives

Or.... what was that article about Lost Lake? What's the airplane schedule for winter Robin wrote about? We have a new archives section on the website - now you can always go back and look!


robin dreyfuss Hope to hear from you soon!

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